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Catalogue excerpts

Water Fitness Expend AquaSports Equipment Manufacturer

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Editorial Hello, Aquabiking revolutionized the fitness world and keeps on attracting new followers every day. A must-have well-being accessory, aquabikes have become year after year, not only a training tool, but also a therapeutic tool. And so, aquabikes should not be just a luxury item, but a daily fitness element in every swimming pool. AquaSports Equipment Manufacturer The heart of our strategy is the aim for superior quality, performance and affordability. And because Waterflex strongly believes in the innovative yet universal benefits of its aquafitness products, we place special emphasis...

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We offer a full lineup of water fitness equipment, designed by engineers and sport enthusiasts, made from electropolished marine grade AISI 316L, brushed stainless steel. Our modular designs ensure that each machine is adapted to every categories of users. Aquabikes Aquafitness Competition A mechanical resistance easy to use. The best professional aquabike. Run & walk Running and walking in the water, a training without pain. Daily Fitness A hydraulic and mechanical resistance. Dedicated to intense sport. Cross-country A full body training, perfect for working your endurance. HOME FITNESS Lightweight...

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provence Located in the south of France, by the Mediterranean Sea, the Provence region takes you into a world of fragrances and tastes with a very unique way of life. A special destination, with a multitude of inspiring colors in many shades: purples, blues, greens… It is difficult not to be completely drawn to Provence! Romantic yet dynamic, it slowly reveals its secrets… Provence inspires emotions, passion, and it is where Waterflex finds its inspiration. AS MARCEL PAGNOL, A FAMOUS AUTHOR FROM PROVENCE, WROTE: “HE WHO CAN FEEL PASSION IS ALSO ABLE TO INSPIRE IT”. The Waterflex philosophy The...

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A NEW THERAPEUTIC TOOL « The aquabike is a new tool which provides different physical therapy options, along with the freedom to train several people at the same time. Therapeutically-speaking, we now can combine 3 benefits: pressure therapy, lymphatic drainage and movement rehabilitation» Antoine, Physical Therapist. Clients/Patients are eagerly looking for the multi-benefits of water therapy, where the pedal flow preserves sensitive joints and contributes to a renewed and improved range of movements and better joint flexibility. A NEW TRAINING TOOL The pressure created by water, while working...

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Spinning - under control ! Inspired by the Spinning fitness trend, this competition aquabike offers many levels of resistance for hours of challenging workouts. Perfect for aquafitness classes. Modify the intensity by simply turning the knob. Simple and effective, the effort is perfectly tailored to your needs. You can even simulate inclines, do cardio-traininng and work on your stamina! Easy and intuitive, this aquabike guarantees high-level training. Advantages Home Fitness Daily Fitness Mechanical Resistance = 100% efficiency Designed for athletes looking for intense workouts and high-level...

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GET AND STAY FIT QUICKLY! With its hydraulic and mechanic resistance and 5 different speeds, you can adjust the intensity of your workout and customize the resistance according to your fitness level. Ideal for both aquafitness classes and physical therapy sessions. Advantages Hydraulic and Mechanical Resistance. Home Fitness Daily Fitness Adjustable height and width: base, handlebar, saddle, with a wide range of options. Designed for everyday use, to get and stay in great shape. Waterflex Technology 5 resistance levels 4 different AquaPalm pre-set speeds, with central adjustment from a sitting...

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Technologie Waterflex Strong enough for daily use, by all, with a safe, balanced base.

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Transform your swimming pool in a home fitness center ! The bike for every swimming pool, sure to provide a great feeling of relaxation or a real workout for all! For staying or getting back in shape, at your own pace. This aquabike adapts to everybody. Featherlight, with a sturdy base, for better safety, you can control the resistance to work out at your own pace. Advantages Pedal Mechanism with ball bearing and waterproof rings A featherweight Aquabike with mechanical resistance Adjustable height : base, handlebar, saddle Home Fitness Daily Fitness Outstanding product quality and finishing touches. Strong...

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Water Bottle & Holder (750ml) Ultimate Comfort Saddle Behind the seat of Water Rider 4S and Light, solid and easy to install on all our This saddle fits all men and women Water Rider 5, this rod will provide the fitness products, so you can always stay sizes. Ergonomically designed, it brings ultimate multi-training experience. It hydrated during your workout. Made of even more comfort to your aquabiking will help make better use of the upper stainless steel, it is a must-have. body muscle and make stretching easy.

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Comparison chart WATER RIDER 5 FAMILY BIKE Daily Fitness Home Fitness Hydraulic Resistance Mechanical Resistance Adjustable Base (for inclines) Adjustable Height Adjustable Width (Handlebar, Saddle) Dimensions Weight Choosing between a Water Rider 4S and a Water Rider 5 Common Features They are both are athletic-level bikes, specially designed for professional use, such as aquabiking classes or physical therapy sessions, since they offer an array of resistance levels The AquaSpeed pedals provide increased resistance, forward and backward Very innovative, the Water Rider 4S and the Water Rider...

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Innovations 2013 Discover new experiences for a complete TRAINING

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YOU CAN WALK AND ALSO RUN ! Aquajogg combines the benefits of walking or running at your own pace, along with natural water resistance. Its excellent stability will allow you to safely build up your stamina, or practice your physical therapy regimen. Compact and light. Easy to fold and store.   Advantages An innovative “Easy push” System, for minimal storage space. Home Fitness Daily Fitness Walking belt tension is adjustable. Designed for daily, intensive use, as well as for getting back inshape without strain. Waterflex Technology “Easy push” System : An innovative “Easy push” System, for minimal...

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