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FLOW CALIBRATION UNIT FOR BLACK EDITION PUMPS BENEFITS WITH USING XAVITECH FLOW CALIBRATION UNIT - Easy caliration of pump flow - Shorter R&D time - Reduce power consumption with correct flow calibration - Reduce pump noise FLOW CALIBRATION UNIT Xavitech can supply calibrated pumps according to customer needs. Just as important, the cus- tomers can also adjust the pump performance themselves. This is really valuable during the design phase of a system since the user will be able to compensate for condition changes simply by reprogramming the pumps. Once the system layout is fixed the customer can inform Xavitech on which pump setting was the best. Hereafter, Xavitech can easily supply calibrated pumps according to the new requirements. Such a procedure implies a quick production transfer which saves time and costs for the user. The flow calibration unit will enable the user to adjust the flow through altering the pump frequency and store setting permanently into the pump memory. The flow calibration works with all Xavitech BLACK edition pumps with Flex connection.

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FLOW CALIBRATION UNIT FOR BLACK EDITION PUMPS GENERAL DATA Calibration unit supply: Pump supply: 12 V DC (centerpin +) See mode description USING THE CALIBRATION UNIT On the picture above you can see a blue circle around the mode selector. Mode 1 Move the jumper to connect pin1 and pin2. The pump will then run on the same supply as the calibration unit. Mode 2 Move the jumper to connect pin2 and pin3. The pump will then run on the supply attached to VCC connector. Input can be between any voltage that is specified for the connected pump. See pump datasheet for more details. Connect the pump...

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FLOW CALIBRATION UNIT FOR BLACK EDITION PUMPS TROUBLE SHOOTING If the LCD shows “communication failure”: -Control if pump is connected properly. If the LCD shows “Waiting for pump” even though the pump is connected: -Restart the calibration unit with the pump connected to the unit. If the pump don’t start when using mode 2 for the power supply: -Check that VCC for pump and that the 12 VDC for calibration unit has common Ground. -Control that the jumper is in the right position. Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, Xavitech assumes no responsibility for the...

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