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Catalogue excerpts

Innovative products, determined research and sustainable solutions for healthcare XOTOCAM 1.1 medical camera for mobile photo- and wound documentation

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XOTOCAM 1.1 To photograph, video record, measure, comment and archive on a multimedia device – quality assurance system eases wound documentation as well as general medical image management.

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simple and intuitive handling legally compliant multimedia documentation encrypted data transmission via WLAN and Ethernet in the docking station large 32 LED ring for optimal wound and picture illumination small 8 LED ring for illumination of body regions that are difficult to access integration of customer-specific documentation templates for wound management customizable application laser system for exact wound measuring Full HD video recording connectivity to HIS/PACS or hospital information systems touch screen usable with surgical gloves time-saving, efficient solution in daily

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All in one – Taking photographs, video recording, measuring, commenting and archiving: Multimedia quality assurance system eases wound documentation and fills a gap regarding medical image management Worldwide innovation: Camera offers high image quality, adaptation to special hygiene requirements and the simple connection to clinical information systems Still and moving images play an important role in medical diagnostic, treatment and documentation. Conventional cameras or cell phone cameras are neither able to provide the necessary quality nor suitable for a hygienically safe use. The XotonicsMED...

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The handheld mobile, disinfectable wound documentation camera for direct imaging in medical release button · image and video recording on/off button · standby mode case · modern and innovative design · resistant and disinfectable surface with IP64 protection laser module · wound measurement · image dimensions large LED ring · 32 LEDs · 2700 kelvin light temperature for exact color rendition · adjustable brightness · continuous light function for optimum illumination · ergonomically designed · anti-slip rubber coating small LED ring · 8 solar spectrum LEDs for the illumination of small wounds and...

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The XotoCAM 1.1 allows comfortable, simple and intuitive handling. welcome screen user selection patient selection photo shoot video recording The illustrations outlined above demonstrate a selection of the whole concept. wound measurement

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Funktionales Zubehör für die XotoCAM 1.1 XotoDOCK W1 · Wand-Docking-Station für Datentransfer und Aufladen der XotoCAM 1.1 XotoDOCK T1 · Tisch-Docking-Station für Datentransfer und Aufladen der XotoCAM 1.1 XotoCAM mobiler Swing Arm · bewegliche Halterung für die Xo

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XotonicsMED GmbH XotonicsMED, headquartered in Treuen (Vogtland, Germany) The XotoCAM 1.1– a mobile handheld camera is optimized for the specializes in the development of innovative technology for the specific use of wound documentation in clinical facilities. A valuable healthcare sector. This applies in particular for optical systems asset is the extremely simple handling of complex technology. to support documentation for quality assurance, diagnostics and Superb quality design and functionality are combined in a brand medical history taking. new form. Image quality and the user friendliness...

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