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During a PureFlow™ session, you lie comfortably with a series of cuffs wrapped around your legs, similar to blood pressure cuffs. These are attached to a heart monitor, which triggers the cuffs to inflate and deflate in sync with your heartbeat. During the resting phase of the heart, the cuffs inflate, pumping unoxygenated blood from the legs to the heart and oxygen-rich blood from the heart to other parts of body. When the heart pumps, the cuffs rapidly deflate and blood vessels expand, so blood flows from the heart with less effort by the heart muscle. It's almost like a second heart pumping between each heartbeat. The treatment is not painful. You will feel a strong "hugging” sensation as the cuffs inflate upward over the calves, thighs, and buttocks, similar to a massage. CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS • There is increased blood flow to vital organs, including the brain and kidneys, without increasing the heart rate: • 22- 26% increase in blood flow to the carotid (neck) arteries to the brain (greater mental and visual acuity) • 20-42% increase in blood flow to the coronary (heart) arteries • 9% increase in blood flow to the renal (kidney) artery Promotes the development of collateral blood vessels (“natural self-bypass”) Increase in the diastolic (resting) phase of the heartbeat cycle, which promotes greater oxygenation to the heart Increase in venous blood flow returning to the heart Increases cardiac output

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