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PROVEN & PATENTED TECHNOLOGY FOR PAIN RELIEF, SLIMMING & MUSCLE TONING PureWave™ uses patented technology that emits electrical pulses at low, medium and high frequencies simultaneously to produce painless deep muscle stimulation that relieves pain, slims the body and tones muscles.

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PureWave™ is an advanced EMS device that uses patented multi-frequency waves in low and medium frequencies, combined with high-frequency bursts. PREVENT MUSCLE & NERVE ACCOMMODATION PureWave™ generates random waves in an extremely wide frequency bandwith at a constantly changing rhythm, preventing the nerves and muscles from adjusting and accommodating-making it very effective for pain relief. SUBTLE, DEEP STIMULATION PureWave™ stimulates deep muscles including muscles that cannot be reached with other pain-relief techniques. The high-frequency waves penetrate the skin with little...

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Slimming & Weight-Loss Study A study conducted among healthy women to evaluate the effects of PureWave™ showed positive results in improving body shape, reducing fat mass and losing weight in a short period of time. A group of 12 healthy women were chosen to participate in the study. Using a BMI of 25, per JASSO criteria, women were divided in two groups -normal and overweight. For all the women, fat mass was measured using an MRI, along with diameter, body weight and blood tests for cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels. The measurements were taken before and after the use of...

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PROVEN & PATENTED TECHNOLOGY FOR PAIN RELIEF, SLIMMING & MUSCLE TONING SPECIFICATIONS Rated Voltage and Frequency Channel Number (Output Number) Maximum Output Current Output Wave M-CUBE WAVE, 2.7kHz 4 BEATS Safety Device OVERCURRENT PROTECTION APPROX. 1.2KG (main unit only) Main Unit Dimension Xtreem Pulse LLC an integrative healthcare solutions company 353 West 29th Street, Suite 3 New York, NY 10001 U.S. +1 212 643 9062 info@xtreempulse.com W W W. X T R E E M P U L S E . C O M

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