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Multifunctional Scale - modular wheelchair scale or bariatric scale The XXL-Rehab Multifunctional Scale can be built in modules according to needs and can be used to weigh wheelchair users, users with walkers or for bariatric users up to 300 kg. It is particularly suitable for hospitals, nursing homes and institutions. Construction The XXL-Rehab Multifunctional Scale consists of an electronic weighing platform with two smooth running transport wheels and transport handles and an easily readable LCD display. The weighing platform can be combined with ramp, safety edges and 2 kinds of heavy railings. The XXL-Rehab Multifunctional Scale is applicable to both wheelchair users and walking users with less good balance, since it is possible to obtain support at the railings, without affecting the weighing result. Display The multifunctional scale is equipped with an illuminated LCD display with 20 mm high numbers, which makes it easy to read. It has a capacity of 300 kg and weighs at an interval of 100 grams. It is easy to weigh users in a wheelchair using the Tare function which remembers any wheelchair weight, then being deducted from the total weight. BMI function The XXL-Rehab Multifunctional Scale can also be supplied with BMI function. This model is approved to EU Class III, MPG Class 1 and can therefore also be used in hospitals. With BMI function LCD display with light and large digits Transport wheels and transport handles Weighing unit in kg or lb Free combination of ramps, side protection edges and high railings Basic module with display and access ramps Best in bariatric products l Catalogue #3

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Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users! Maximum weight capacity including wheelchair is Weighing unit Total length Total width Total height Operating time per charge with batteries Power Adapter ISO - classification Basic module with display XXL-Rehab Multifunctional Scale basic module with display, BMI function and power adapter Accessories Access ramp, each Standard support railing, each Bariatric support railing set / 3 pcs. Charger with rechargeable batteries (used for transport of the scale) Material Display XXL-Rehab Multifunctional Scale basic module...

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