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Lift Chair Lifting function By activating the hand control the seat is slowly lifted up and forward so getting in and out of the chair is considerably easier. Home / Working chairs The XXL-Rehab Lift Chair is specifically designed for heavy users up to 270 kg. The XXL-Rehab Lift Chair is a powerful and comfortable 2-position chair with a lift/tilt feature. The lift/tilt- feature helps the user to more easily get up and sit/lie down without losing balance. Many bariatric patients spend most of their time sitting or lying as it is difficult for them to be active for longer periods. It is also difficult for them to get from sitting or lying positions to standing. The XXLRehab Lift Chair makes this possible. Resting position The backrest angle is opened while the leg rest automatically goes up, so the user is placed in resting position. This position reduces pressure on the lungs and abdomen significantly. Furthermore, edema is reduced as well as the need for treatment of leg and foot ulcers, which can mean less leg pain. Smooth and quiet lifting mechanism Protective cover on armrest and headrest Large side pockets Integrated battery backup Screws to adjust stability on uneven surfaces Best in bariatric products l Catalogue #3

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Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users! Seat height XXL-Rehab Lift Chair Black Skai Seat depth XXL-Rehab Lift Chair Brown fabric Seat width Protection cover, water resistant Backrest height Overall width Distance from wall Battery backup ISO – classification Home / Working chairs Maximum weight capacity is Water resistant protection cover

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