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CJ Operation light

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Operation light http://www.skylux.co.jp VAMADA SHADOW LESS LAMP CO.. LTD. HEAD OFFICE Address: 2-3-16, Nishikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0065 Japan SAITAMA FACTORY Address: 1526-1 Osone, Yashio-city, Saitama 340-0834 Japan    Country of Origin: Japan Marketing authorization number in Japan :11B2X10036 Item number in Japan : 11 B2X10036000001 / Generic name in Japan: Operation light / Classification in Japan : Class I

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Providing an Optimal Light Environment to Every Medical Practice HXM INTERACTION. EXPERIENCE, for Medical Environment. Yamada Shadowless Lamp found one light. “Medical LEDs.” This light is close to natural light. “An accurate but gentle light.” A doctor’s eyes are just as important to them as their hands. They are always looking at the patient’s ever-changing condition. In the operation room, their eyes are continually strained under operation lights, brighter than sunlight. We don’t want doctors to just accept that harsh environment and daily stress as unavoidable. We don’t want doctors to...

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Delivering optimal light even to deeper areas Equipped with Yamada Shadowless Lamp original “Medical LEDs”. Boasting high color reproduction close to natural light and excellent design, these operation lights are of the highest class.

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Soft design that puts patients at ease The lamp head has smooth, beautiful curves from every angle. Patients are nervous before an operation. In order to calm them and help them feel at ease, we used a rounded design that gives a soft impression.

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Focus function By adjusting the center focus handle (for the physician) or the side focus knob (for the support staff),users can adjust the illumination based on the distance to the operation site. (1) Power ON/OFF switch (2) Brightness adjustment “Low (-) switch (darker)” (3) Brightness adjustment “Hi (+) switch (brighter)” (4) Brightness level display (5) BOOST switch (6) ENDOSCOPE switch (7) ENVIRONMENT switch* * The ENVIRONMENT switch is a function only installed when the base light (CK) is equipped.

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Smooth airflow The shape of the lamp head is designed to accommodate an air-flow from the ceiling, ensuring a sufficient stream of air. This allows for a constant stream of pure air to be sent to the operation site during the operation. Side handle Handle on the side of the lamp head used in adjusting the position of the operation light. Its shape is easy to grip and use, helping nurses move during operation.

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Characteristics of medical lights Operation light We achieve a light environment optimal for medical practices. "Ultra-high color rendering LEDs"achieve reliable visibility and distinguishability We used “Ultra-high color rendering LEDs” to achieve a high index of 96 for the R9 value. This corresponds to red (blood) in the special color rendering index (Ri), an index that includes colors close to the human body. This makes the colors of blood, organs, and tissue in the operative field more visible and distinguishable, helping improve the precision of operations. Light which brings out an...

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Low-glare light that makes the operation site visible and improves operation efficiency The unique optical design prevents glare when illuminated on the operation site. This significantly reduces eye strain and discomfort for doctors, who must continue to look at the operation site over a long period of time. Light unit which reduces brightness The light unit is designed to have a structure that prevents the LEDs from interfering with your work. This structure prevents the physician and support staff from feeling uncomfortable brightness. Difference in illumination techniques The unique...

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* Other configurations can be arranged to meet your installation plan. Please feel free to contact us. * For details about the TV camera mounted arm or monitor mounted arm, please refer to the separate information. Specifications WALL PANEL / BOX WALL PANEL & BOX IXM Series CJ operation light is controlled by a WALL PANEL / BOX. Use the WALL PANEL / BOX for turning the power on or off, adjusting the brightness (from 1 to 8), and turning the ENDOSCOPE switch on or off. - External dimensions Standard WALL PANEL / BOX: W280 x H280 x tl.5 mm Or: W300 x H400 x tl.5 mm Front view of the wall...

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