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5 points to make eyecia unique 1. Enhanced Treatment Efficiency 3. Maximized Patients Comfort Bring you the comfort zone 1. Enhanced Treatment Efficiency Instrument holder swivels for easy access. Extra work space on the table. Head support structure that makes it easier. for patient to open the mouth during treatment. Operation light with sensor activation eliminates the fuss of switching on/off button during operation. Panel switch that easily operated. Advantageous effects • Optimized work flow. • Shorten the treatment time. • Shorter treatment time is an advantage for patient as we • Decrease the stress level of doctor, staff, and patient. Colors to choose from ► Cuspidor top and table color: 2colors Seat color: 6 colors Cuspidor bowl made of glass for clean look. Sheer cuspidor and table tray to enhance Advantageous effects • It goes with any interior and does not interfere with doctor's taste • Its clean look gives patient ease of mind and help • Easily maintained work space boost up the staffs motivation for better work performance. COLOR VARIATION sN'Jrt **1 r ^KHAA WATERBLUE AP^LE GREEN SUMMER YELLOW PtACM

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3. Maximized Patients Comfort Elevation system to assist all patients for easy seating, from 630i small children to elders (Lowest level: 400mm). Bigger seating space keeps patient relaxed and stress-free. Soft seat holds patient's body gently in place and gives ease of mind. Wide round cuspidor prevents water from splashing outside the cuspidor during patient's mouth rinsing. Advantageous effects • Provides safe access for all patients to the chair. • The graceful look of EYECIA help reduce patient's anxiety 0 Relaxing atmosphere takes stress off from the patient even with long duration of treatment. »...

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