Air turbine Handpiece - 6 Pages

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Air turbine Handpiece

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Touching your heart Super Dynamic Charger

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“Cutting power certainly isn’t everything but surely the great-to-have feature!” Royalroad delivers powerful torque and can be utilized for all types of treatment. The cavity preparation, removal of resin or inlay, whatever required for the handpiece, Royalroad can do and more. Power brings additional benefit as it leads to the efficiency of the treatment resulting in the reduced chair time…time that is valuable for both the doctor and the patient.

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“Optimum Spray System is one of the most important aspects of a handpiece performance.” This “Multi Jet Spray” provides many more positive effects besides keeping the bur and the working point cooler. Effectively washes away the cutting debris and consequently prolongs the serving life of the bur resulting in the cost saving. Hits the bur at sharp angle to keep the mist from scattering giving a clear view of working site while eliminating the patient’s discomfort by the scattering water around the mouth.

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“Getting the most out of a handpiece requires more than powerful cutting and optimum cooling effect.” Royalroad has succeeded in achieving high torque with very little wobbling (0.25mm) ensuring the smooth finish of cutting surface. The doctor virtually feels no chattering of the handpiece while performing the superior preparation work with ease.

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“Is that all?” – No! Royalroad has many more benefits… Body Contour that offers more than just the beauty. Non-slip grip with calculated angle nicely rests in the hand of the doctor, giving the perfect control for precise work while reducing the stress on the operator’ s hand even with the hose connected. It is well-designed to keep the balance for high operability. Lights up the way. LED light feature of Royalroad provides perfect visibility even in the narrow working site and hard to reach region. It enables the doctor to work with precision while reducing the eyestrain even in the long...

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