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Dental Unit System

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Touching your heart Standard in Patient Comfort

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More comfort. Better care. The EYECIA II is the quietest, most comfortable chair we've ever designed. So even the most fearful patients can sit back and relax - and doctors can provide superior care.

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EYECIA II is ergonomically designed to maximize patient comfort and relaxation. For doctors, we've simplified the controls, making key functions easier to find and use. Designed with patients and doctors in mind.

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Premium Comfort Our optional Takumi seat is like a custom-made lounge chair with deep, supportive cushioning. Smooth Start & Stop Technology The chair starts and stops so smoothly and slowly, patients hardly feel the chair moving at all. Silent Movement System No jolts or mechanical sounds. The chair's motor is whisper-quiet, so patients don't hear a thing. Color options Soft, silky upholstery I that's easy to clean feel like they're lying Champagne white Blue metallic Green metallic Dark blue Bordeaux metallic Black metallic Takumi seat Exceptionally soft upholstery, crafted BourWe red...

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Removable Spittoon Bowl Completely removable glass bowl is easy to clean, giving your patients peace of mind. Automatic Spittoon Flush Convenient auto-control system for spittoon flush and cup filler - Removable Table Tray Touchelss Sensor Operating Removable waterproof table tray fits perfectly into the table to keep liquids Natural brightness and a shadow- free light field offer optimal vision. Staff can turn the light on/off hygienically without touching it.

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The most frequently used functions are all located on the front control panel. Individual instrument controls are located on the side for enhanced Easy Handling The handles on both sides allow for easy repositioning of the table. Intuitive control panel simplifies operation A smarter layout of controls enables doctors to concentrate more on the procedure and on conversations with patients. The instrument holder is tilted doctors' hands from other

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Tools for Every Need A wide selection of optional devices and instruments are available to meet a variety of clinical needs. YOSHIDA INSTRUMENTS ; WITH OPTICAL LIGHT lultiway syringe Ultrasonic scaler MICROMOTOR HANDPIECE QUICK JOINT High torque 635BP-LUX High torque 635BQF FILM VIEWER Water bottle Panoramic film viewer FOOT CONTROLLER

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