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Digital X-ray System

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Next-generation premium high-definition diagnostic X-ray system X-era Smart - Finally debut!

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7Super high definition clinical image quality | Adopting Direct CMOS sensor and unique image construction technology, blur-free and sharp image can be obtained. rect CMOS sensor Semiconductor that is used for photon counting directly converts X-ray to electronic signal and create a blur-free image. Conventional sensor converts X-ray to visible light by scintillator, and CCD element transforms the light into electronic signal. In that process, scintillator cause the electrons to diffuse, resulting in the blurry image. Constructs the finest details of more than 4,500 single high resolution...

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stands for X as mathematical symbol for the unknown, also for neXt 2Multi Focal Layer Technology enables optimal focusing | Unique panoramic image construction technology (Image Creator) automatically selects the most optimal focal layer position as exposure completes. Re-focusing on any spots is also possible to reconstruct the clear image. ( Incorrect positioning ) Active tomography allows reconstruction of the image corresponding to anatomical shape and size of each patient even after the •Correction of Positioning error Radiographic failure caused by incorrect patient positioning can be...

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Next generation premium Adopting high-definition Direct CMOS sensor, unique panoramic construction algrithm actualizes the direct conversion from X-ray to electronic signal, creating super high-definition image with lower noise. Even 8 second exposure provides high image quality optimal for accurate clinical diagnosis.

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high-definition Image comparison Evidence of superior clarity Standard Panoramic Direct CMOS sensor High definition High speed exposure mode Direct CMOS sensor High speed Conventional sensor image Conventional sensor Line Pair Conventional sensor image Conventional sensor

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xposure Modes For various diagnosis needs Cephalometric Exposure Mode With the same simple operability and compact body, it can be easily upgraded to cephalometric as needed. Simply change the sensor position from panoramic to cephalometric, and cephalometric exposure "Sensor corresponding to cephalometric is needed.

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ursued usability ient's head is supported at 3 itions to keep it in place irectional beam enables optimal chinrest height is adjustable atients, from a child to adul Space efficiency Assisting position can be either right or left side depending on the space availability and room limited space of X-ray room.

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X-era series model corresponding to digital. Premium high definition. ( X-era Smart Cephalometric ) •Technical data X-era Smart Sensor Direct CMOS sensor Pixel 10OjU m isotropic/pixel Type of X-ray generation MIR-100 Grading 16bit (65,536 grading) 1,350x3,150 pixel (Panoramic) Tube voltage 58—82 kV Exposure time 8, 14, 16 sec. (Panoramic) 2,266 x 2,039 pixel (Cephalometric PA/carpus) Tube current 2.0—10mA 4 sec. x 2 (TMJ) 2,266 x 2,548 pixel (Cephalometric LA) Power supply AC100V 50/60 Hz 8.0, 10.0 sec. (Cephalometric/carpus) Weight 125—160 Kg (Panoramic type) Input 1.5 kVA Nominal 1.2 —...

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