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Classic Line SEASONS adds luxury to your treatment space in a way prime food in season, richest in taste and texure adds luxury to your dish. In Japan, seasonal food at its best is called "Shu-n"  , and it is valued as extreme 旬 luxury. That's the idea behind SEASONS. SEASONS offers best quality while giving you the freedom to customize your dental unit so you get to have the best work station precisely suited to your needs. With SEASONS, less is more. You get only the features you need, so your dental equipment is perfectly suited to the treatments you offer. Enjoy Japanese reliability and...

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Classic Line SEASONS is packed with patient-friendly features that make dental treatment a comfortable and relaxing experience. Comfortable patient position Keeping the nose and the knee level while lowering the belly keeps the patient relaxed and comfortable. A seat-height that adjusts as low as 380mm – caters for all types of patient, especially small children and elders. The contoured 'bucket' chair also cushions the patients and keeps them in place. Easy-to-use doctor’ table s Easy-to-maintain assistant element 3 Gently curved corners protect users' hands and provide smooth access to...

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Luxury Line Need more features and a feeling of supreme comfort? Our SEASONS in Luxury Line makes patients feel almost weightless. Upgradable factory option 1 DOCTOR’S TABLE 2 HEADREST 3 ARMREST 4 UNIT 5 ASSISTANT ELEMENT 6 FOOT CONTROLLER 7 OPERATING LIGHT Recommended option *For more details, see the 'Recommended Options' sheet.

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Make patients feel like VIPS. Your chair and spittoon bowl can be upgraded to add more luxury, you can choose your own colors and designs to put patients at their ease. TAKUMI seat for total relaxation deep comfort '" Soft sponge spreads body pressure evenly - Moderately firm sponge supports weight [Conventional seat] Body-pressure distribution Rich Black Fresh Beige optional colors [TAKUMI seat] Body pressure is widely spread ARITA Porcelain spittoon bowl for real luxury Upgrade to our special ARITA porcelain spittoon and enjoy a touch of luxury. Photo-catalytic ceramic coating works as an...

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Choose your own colors The Classic Line comes in a variety of upholstery and spittoon colors. Choose the colors that suit your treatment room. Upholstery Standard colors WAKABA Green ICHO Yellow Optional colors Metallic Green Metallic Black Spittoon bowl Standard colors Optional colors SERiO Clear SERiO Blue

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Upgrade your SEASONS You can tailor your SEASONS, with some great, upgradeable factory options. (Bowl rinsing, Lighting, MM Reverse, Optional light function) •VFD Panel (VFD Display Monitor) •Anti-Infection System •Optical circuit •Instrument circuit •Table handle (©center@upper left ©upper right) •Waste receptacles holder head rest bowl rinsing sensor Allows flexible layout of dental unit FOOT CONTROLLER •Hanger Switch •Emergency stop switch •Panel Switch Chair controller Step-in type Sliding Foot Controller Multi functional foot controller Assistant hanger is easily moved Sensor light

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Standard equipment Gliding headrest Foot controller Spittoon bowl Doctorʼs table* Assistant element The product specifications vary depending on the area of purchace.Please contact our international buisiness division for more information. CONTACT Manufacturing site 660 Yakimaki, Namegata-shi, Ibaraki, Japan 311-3506 TEL +81-299-57-0111 FAX +81-299-57-0711 THE YOSHIDA DENTAL MFG. CO., LTD. 1- 3 - 6 Kotobashi, Sumida - ku, Tokyo, Japan 130 - 8516 TEL + 81-3-3631-2165 FAX + 81-3-3631-2685 (International Business Div.) Copyright © 2012 THE YOSHIDA DENTAL MFG. CO., LTD. All right reserved. No...

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Recommended Options 'Made in Japan' counts for a lot these days. SEASONS is reliable, durable and exceptionally well built. And now you can customize your dental unit and chair with the options to create your best work station. DOCTOR'S TABLE 1 Extra stainless tray + mounting hook 2 OBON Resin tray Mouse tray Film viewer MICRO MOTOR HANDPIECE Display arm for monitor * Monitor in the photo is not included. Water bottle MICRO MOTOR QUICK JOINT

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