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YouGrabber Clinical Testing Highlights

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YouGrabber Clinical Testing Highlights YouGrabber increases training intensity Patients perform up to 300 grasps using each hand during a 45- minute YouGrabber session1. This intensity is 3x as high as in typical YouGrabber improves dexterity and grip strength Paediatric cerebral palsy patients improved hand dexterity as measured by the Box and Block Test1,2,5 and also in grip strength2 YouGrabber improves activities of daily life Stroke patients using YouGrabber improve performance in activities of daily life, as measured by the Chedoke Arm and Hand Inventory3. YouGrabber is well-accepted by patients & therapists The YouGrabber concept was developed in close co-operation with leading therapists and neurologists, and used clinically on over 40 patients. Clinical test results showed high patient enjoyment and adherence, and the training data suggest applicability of YouGrabber YouGrabber may improve both motor and visual function Paediatric patients with visuo-motor disorders showed improvements in visual attention as measured using eye movement tracking6. YouGrabber is a multiple award-wining product YouGrabber has won multiple awards at peer-reviewed scientific • Best Paper: Virtual Rehabilitation 2008, Vancouver • Best Poster: Rehabilitation Switzerland (Interlaken) 2008 • Best Poster: Rehabilitation Switzerland (Basel) 2010 Legal Notes: All content © You Rehab unless otherwise specified. All data subject to change without notice. No guarantee is given of the accuracy of any data, nor of the usability or clinical efficacy of any product in any particular situation. YouRehab Ltd. I Technoparkstrasse 1 I 8005 Zurich I Switzerland

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