YouGrabber® – playful therapy for fi nger, hand and arm rehabilitation - 8 Pages

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YouGrabber® – playful therapy for fi nger, hand and arm rehabilitation

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YouGrabber – playful therapy for finger, hand and arm rehabilitation Intensive and motivating training For hospitals, clinics and patients at home Award-winning Swiss therapy system swiss technology

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“Our patients see the playful YouGrabber training as a welcomed ® change from other therapies.” “With YouGrabber our patients ® train not just motor function, but also cognitive functions such as visual attention, reaction speed and hand-eye co-ordination.” Diana Egloff-Vollenweider, Occupational Therapist, Reha Rheinfelden, Swi

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The YouGrabber® Concept YouGrabber® supports patients with sensory-motor and cognitive impairments during rehabilitation. It provides bi-manual training exercises with a focus on visuomotor finger, hand and arm coordination. The interactive therapy is using Virtual Reality technology and can be performed even in a three dimensional environment. The playful therapy software motivates the patient to reach and exceed the various goals given from the therapist. With the large variety of possible patient condition, the YouGrabber® can be individually adjusted to the individual needs. The highly...

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Patient compliance is key in rehabilitation. The patients enjoy the playful YouGrabber® software and are motivated to do even additional training hours if offered by the care provider. At the beginning of every training session the system is adjusted to the patient's current abilities. Specific settings in each training application enable the training difficulty and content to be quickly and easily adapted to the patients progression and therapy needs. The Auto mode allows an automatic adjustment of the software's difficulty and ensures always an optimal challenge. The software follows...

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Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation The YouGrabber® system is easy to transport by hand and can be used during early-stage rehabilitation at the bedside. Thanks to the large variety of training possibilities and the different levels of difficulty, YouGrabber® can support the patient from the initial inpatient rehabilitation all the way long to the outpatient therapy in a clinic. The system continuously challenges and motivates the patient according to his/her abilities and needs. Once back home the patient can continue his training allowing him to keep on improving long term. Advantages...

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Training intensity The increased patient motivation leads to training intensities of up to 3 times higher as it is achieved during conventional therapy.1 1 Wille, D, Eng, K, Holper, L, Chevrier, E, Hauser, Y, Kiper, D, Pyk, P, Schlegel, S, Meyer-Heim, A. Virtual Reality based Paediatric Interactive Therapy System (PITS) for Improvement of Arm and Hand Function in Children with Motor Impairment – a Pilot Study. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 2009; 12(1):44-52. More therapy YouGrabber® is used in hospitals and clinics as well as for independent training at home. Besides one-to-one...

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The YouGrabber® Training System With the YouGrabber® you are well equipped for therapy in a hospital, a clinic or at the patient's home. The following is included in the YouGrabber®: • 1 pair of data glove with integrated movement sensors • 4 pairs of fabric gloves in sizes S, M, L and XL • 1 full set of finger rings with 6 rings in each of 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL) • Easy to use and highly motivating therapy software • Carrying and storage case • Optional: One infrared arm movement tracking camera incl. portable camera tripod system • Optional: Additional therapy games for...

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