YouGrabber Upper Limb Rehabilitation for Arms and Fingers - 4 Pages

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YouGrabber Upper Limb Rehabilitation for Arms and Fingers

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Upper Limb Rehabilitation

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Training Intensity Patients train up to 3x harder using YouGrabber*. Entertaining training improves compliance. Therapy Concept Train patients at all stages of Measure Improvement Show improved patient training performance overtime. Save Time & Money Train 2 or 3 patients at once, Award winning** product from leading Swiss universities. * Compared to normal occupational therapy (reaching and grasping movements) ** Best Paper, International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2008, Vancouver Best Poster, Schweizer Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Rehabilitation Kongress 2008 (Interlaken) & 2010...

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System Overview patient training

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Clinical Usage YouGrabber can be used on patients with many indications including stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's Disease, hand/arm orthopedics, etc. Contact us for details of using YouGrabber for different clinical indications and the latest clinical test results. About YouRehab YouRehab creates products and services which enable patients undergoing rehabilitation to improve their own independence and enjoyment of life. © YouRehab 2012. YouRehab and YouGrabber are registered trademarks. Specifications subject to change. Your YouRehab representative

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