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YouKicker Lower Limb Rehabilitation

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Lower Limb Rehabilitation Preliminary product announcement

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Why YouKicker®? Training Intensity Therapy Concept Save Time & Money Achieve up to 500 movement repetitions per session*. Train patients at all stages of recovery. Train 2 or 3 patients at once, or partially unsupervised. Motivation Measure Improvement Entertaining training improves compliance. Show improved patient training performance over time. * Typical 45-minute therapy session. System Overview Interactive virtual reality training for rehabilitation of lower limb function 1. Size-adjustable sensor shoes 2. High-performance PC 3. Full HD Monitor (optional) 1 3 2 Adjustable Sensor Shoes...

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Divided attention Leg abductors Quadriceps Training applications for different muscle groups, concentration and divided attention Training Application Tibialis anterior Training Software Hacky Sack Juggle the ball between your toes as often as possible Hamster Splash Flick the hamsters into the swimming pool using your toes Star Kick Kick the falling balls to score points Planet Drive Move your feet out of the way of the oncoming traffic Training Review Quantitative tracking of patient training dosage and results Patient Testimonials E. Niederer (age 71 years) I‘m very impressed with...

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Clinical Usage YouKicker can be used on patients with many indications including stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's Disease, orthopedics, etc. The first YouKicker clinical study has been completed by our clinical research partner on incomplete spinal cord injury patients, with very positive results (journal publication under review). Contact us if you are running a clinic and would like to join our advance preview clinical test program with other indications. This is a preliminary product announcement for YouKicker. YouKicker is not yet certified for clinical use. All...

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