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YouKicker® – playful therapy to improve mobility

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YouKicker – playful therapy to improve mobility ® swiss technology For lower limb movement and coordination Intensive and motivating training For hospitals, clinics and patients at home

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“This is simply great that you can train in a playful manner and be successful. The fascinating thing to me was that I was able to see and track my progress directly. My sense of balance also improved and the pain in my leg got relieved.” Erika Niederer, 72, patient at the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich Spinal Cord Injury ASIA

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YouKicker® supports patients with walking difficulties caused by neurological or orthopedic disorders. It provides interactive therapy exercises with a focus on legs and feet coordination. These highly motivating exercises lead to significant improvements in walking speed, balance, mobility and locomotion.1 1 “Virtual Reality-Augmented Neurorehabilitation Improves Motor Function and Reduces Neuropathic Pain in Patients With Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury”; M. Villiger, D. Bohli, D. Kiper, P. Pyk, J. Spillmann, B. Meilick, A. Curt, M.-C. Hepp-Reymond, S. Hotz-Boendermaker and K. Eng;...

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YouKicker® improves your patient's mobility The YouKicker® provides four applications to train various motor and sensory functions of the patient. With adjustable difficulty levels the system meets both, the patient's needs and the therapist's training goals. Using the Auto mode, the system detects the optimal challenge point of the patient and ensures continuous progress. The optional software module "Training Planner" enables quick planning and independent self-training of the patient to enhance more hours of therapy. Due to wireless technology, the patient can train in almost every...

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Customized therapy The YouKicker® concept offers a broad variety of possible therapies, applicable from young children up to elderly people in residence homes. Even the smallest range of motion of the patient's foot is enough to perform the exercise and make the movement visible. As a result, the patient is motivated to increase his effort. Provided with a sensitive calibration, therapy goals can be adjusted to the patient's growing abilities. The YouKicker® can be used in the following therapy settings: • Individual therapy, supervised • Group Therapy • Self training at the...

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“Although my spinal cord injury is already a few years back I was able to achieve extremely positive results with YouKicker by performing exercises in a playful manner. The level of difficulty was optimally adjusted according to my physical abilities.” Tobias Heilmaier, 28, patient at the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich Spinal Cord Injury AS

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The YouKicker® With the YouKicker® you are well equipped for therapy in a hospital, a clinic or at the patient's home. The following is included in the YouKicker®: • A pair of dual sensors to monitor leg movements including charger • Four standard-sized Velcro strips to attach the sensors • Easy to use and highly motivating therapy software • Bluetooth stick for wireless connection to a standard Windows computer • Optional: 4 x 2 patented therapy shoes which allows the patient to fit the system without support • Optional: Standard Windows computer with enhanced graphics capabilities •...

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