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Catalogue Z-SnapOff Screws
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Catalogue excerpts

HL and GHL SnapOff Compression Screws 1,6 / 2 / 2,6 with Z-Speed Drive System Z-Medical® completes his hand and foot portfolio with additional mini screws in different diameters and new types of HL (HeadLess) and GHL (Guided HeadLess) Compression screws. With the advantage of a smaller diameter than common compression screws in combination with guidance over the integrated wire and a high side stability based on the SnapOff technology which allows application like common k-wires by machine. Driving to the final position by hand. Features are optimized thread geometry for higher compression, self drilling and self tapping, robust drive for high torques as well as rounded heads. All implants are single sterile packaged. Only few instruments are needed common for all screws.

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Indication Internal fixation of bone fractures, osteotomies or arthrodesis in feet and hands, as well as trauma surgery. Especially fractures of small bones, as well as finger joints, and fragments. Correction of arthrodesis over one or more segments. Correction of arthrodesis over multiple streams with the advantage of correction of angels and distances. Your benefits: HL and GHL SnapOff Compression Screws - fixation of fractures with multiple screws (percutaneously applicated) instead of plate systems - no need for k-wires - small head, rounded head for less irritation - optimal availability...

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GHL-SnapOff Screw Ø1,6, Titanium Wire GHL-SnapOff Screw Ø2, Titanium Wire GHL-SnapOff Screw Ø2,6, Titanium Wire

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HL-SnapOff Screw Ø2, Titanium HL-SnapOff Screw Ø2,6, Titanium HL and GHL SnapOff Compression Screws

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Z-Speed Drive System integrated scale Z-Speed Drive System for insertion with surgical machines Z-Speed Drive System for manual insertion Your benefits: - navigated safe positioning: therefore less x-ray-pictures for controlling required and thus lower exposure to radiation for patients and staff - navigable system for smaller incisions and better cosmetic results - fewer operational steps and therefore shortened time of surgery - with the usage of our innovative implants and instruments there is no need to utilize elaborate sets of instruments meaning enormous cost savings in connection with...

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