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PILUIT - 9 Pages

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Catalog excerpts


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RESEARCH SERIES RESEARCH FREEZE DRYERS Z-SC1 developed our Table Top Freeze Dryer combining ultra low temperature freezing technology and vacuum drying technology. Z-SC1 's Table Top Freeze Dryer will be your reliable partner for your research and development with focus on convenience within a user friendly machine. Designed for efficient and fast freeze drying, you will find the ultimate conveniencefor freeze drying. CONTROL SYSTEM T TFT LCD TOUCH SCREEN SPECIFICATIONS Designed for small scale research at laboratories. Easy operation by one touch control and maintenance without complexity. Operation...

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RESEARCH SERIES TFD | FD | FDS | MCFD SHELL AND CONCENTRATOR 7"TFT LCD Touch Screen (Optional): 7" touch panel allows easy and convenient control. With data analysis by graphic trends, artificial intelligence generates event record for automatic monitoring. Micro Processor LED Controller: LED display provides condenser temperature and vacuum level. Switches for power ON/OFF, selection of Automatic/-Manual, condenser cooling, vacuum pump, purge, pre-freezing and concentration. Easy defrosting - condenser: Condensed ice must be removed within 30 minutes for continuous operation and for preventing...

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PHARMACEUTICAL & BIOSCIENCE FOOD INDUSTRY 10 to 30 Liter/Batch PILOT SCALE FREEZE DRYERS CONTROL SYSTEM r TFT LCD TOUCH SCREEN Pilot scale freeze dryer is the optimal solution for scale up operation volumes less thanindustrial scale production. With various application and assessment efficiencies, pilot scale freeze dryers help users find desirable conditions and parameters for perfect drying results. WiZBOX GLOBAL REAL TIME CARE SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS Process control Freeze drying process: Loading - Primary freezing - 1st drying process - 2nd drying sublimation process Manual control: Input conditions...

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DETAIL AND FEATURES PHARMACEUTICAL & BIOSCIENCE FOOD INDUSTRY 10 to 30 Liter/Batch STOPPERING (Optional): Sealing is completed under vacuum condition (0.3 mBar) automatically. Stoppering devices are hydraulic cylinder and bellows type (anti contamination) Hydraulic pressure: 70-110 kgf/cm3 CIP (Optional) RO water: 0.001 -0.0001 pm Operating condition: 50°C - 90°C, 2~5kgf/cm2 Automatic rotating spray nozzle method by water pressure Spray by Riboflavin solution (lOg/L). After CIP process, no residue must be detected by Ultra Violet device SIP (Optional) Sterilizing Temperature at 122°C with more...

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PILUIT TWINCORE FREEZE DRYER DATASHEET RESEARCH SERIES PHARMACEUTICAL & BIOSCIENCE FOOD INDUSTRY Research Series Research Series    W/CONCENTRATOR W/CONCENTRATOR W/CONCENTRATOR SHELL    SHELL    SHELL Total ice capacity    8 liters Condenser temperature External dimensions (WxDxH mm) Refrigeration Electrical Certification Drying Chamber Option Product shelf Vacuum pump 1 Pharma | BioScience | Food Ind. Vacuum Stoppering Adapter

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RESEARCH SERIES PHARMACEUTICAL & BIOSCIENCE FOOD INDUSTRY ACCESORIES AND SELECTION GUIDE FD SERIES Multi Drying Chamber Multi purpose drying chamber supports both bulk and flask/vial drying. Selectable with heating or stoppering function. PTFE coating protects chamber from corrosion by acid or chemical substances. Anti acid vacuum pump is recommended for drying acid containing samples. Model    Description MDC 1208    8 x YT Valves. 275(H) x 230mm(D). 304 Stainless steel. 4 Shelves MDC 1208 H MDC 1208 with heating shelves (+40 at ambient Temp.) MDC 1208 HS MDC 1208 H with stoppering system Product...

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PILUIT TWINCORE FREEZE DRYER RESEARCH SERIES PHARMACEUTICAL & BIOSCIENCE FOOD INDUSTRY ACCESORIES AND SELECTION GUIDE Z-SCI SCIENCE AND BEYOND FD SERIES Vacuum Pumps Super Deluxe    Anti-Corrosion Equipped with Vacuum Pumps High quality, corrsion resistant materials Advanced oil lubrication-ensures reliable runnung even at high gas loads Proven oil and air suck-back protection Complete range of easy-to-fit accessories to protect both pumps and the environment Low noise levels and minimum vibration Direct drive-built to exacting safety standards Opposed two-vane design helps prevent blades sticking Easy...

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