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A Revolution in T empe r ature T reatment
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pt has ado aum r Beerb vice Ludge MAR de the ZA Sport...and more ZAMAR is typically used in competitions, but its benefits can also be experienced in daily use. All riding disciplines can take advantage of this advanced method for the treatment of tendinous and muscular problems both before and after a competition as well as in daily treatment. Strongly recommended by vets. The ZAMAR device has been tested and used by vet clinics with top-level experience, which work in direct contact with the national and international competitive environment. The results are highly satisfactory for immediate...

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Countless advantages Continuous programmable temperature Highly effective circulatory and muscle relaxant properties. Extremely easy to use both during • Avoids the administration of anti- inflammatory and other drugs with their undesired side effects. • Safe and efficacious treatment, highly innovative compared to empirical methods • Our technical department is at your disposal to design wraps suitable for special needs.

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STABLE Particularly suitable for stables “STABLE” is a new product, developed on the basis of experience in the field, which offers: Increased refrigerating capacity Possibility of housing all accessories necessary for treatments Easy transport (on wheels) Strength (steel plate, treated and painted) Anti-dust filters to prevent obstructions in condenser ACCESSORIES Specially adapted folding trolley, compact and easy to handling. Protection cover for unit Support to be applied to the box wall, so that the unit is kept in a safer place and is less exposed to dust (decreased possibility of obstructions). Connecting...

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Models A proven product PATENTED EP 1520568 Model Version Operating mode Temperature range for cold set point Temperature range for hot set point Work / pause times Combination of Thermic wraps Neck Dorsal cover sheet X=Nr Wraps Above data refer to an outside temperature of +30 °C Descriptions, technical data and pictures are subject to modifications. For technical and commercial reasons, ZAMAR reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, as required by our product development policy. Authorized dealer www.zamarmedical.com ZAMAR MEDICAL d.o.o. str. Mate Vlašića, 26 52440 - Poreč...

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