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The zebris FDM-S Multifunction Force Measuring Plate

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The zebris FDM-S System for Stance The zebris FDM-S System consists of a force measuring plate that can be used with a commercially available personal computer. Due to the large variety of extension possibilities, this system can be used as a complete measuring unit for stance and roll-off analysis. The zebris multifunction force measuring plate consists of a number of individually calibrated capacitive force sensors that enables an analysis of the distribution of static and dynamic forces under the feet during quiet standing and walking. Foot deformities, foot function and the stance can be analyzed....

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zebris Medical GmbH and Roll-off Analysis The software program consists of a database, a “Viewer“ and a report generator. All the stored force measurement data can be replayed with the video or EMG signals in slow motion and completely synchronized. For the roll-off patterns, the allocation to the left and right side of the body are selected in just a few mouse clicks. Das zebris Kiefer-Registrier-System erfasst berührungslos alle Freiheitsgrade des Unterkiefers nach der Methode der Laufzeitmessung von UltraschssschallImpulsen. Das System besteht aus einem Gesichtsbogen mit integrierten Empfängermodulen...

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zebris Medical GmbH Options The system can be extended using the following modules Radio adapter The cordless radio adapter for measuring the EMG or for connecting goniometers, is fitted with eight analog inputs, four digital inputs, an infrared interface and an output for direct connection to an USB via a special cable. Video module The video module contains a high-quality video camera with a stand, a wide-angle lens, all the connection and synchronization cables necessary for operation, and also the software extension. FDM-T treadmill ergometer zebris Medical GmbH · Germany · P.O. Box 1143 ·...

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