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Catalogue excerpts

Product Information Version 1.0 ZEISS Axio Vert.AI Simply Get All Information from Your Cells

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All Contrasts. All Information. All Flexible. Choose from all standard contrasting techniques, including DIC, to ­nvestigate i your cell cultures. Axio Vert.A1 produces brilliant images to answer your ­questions. Axio Vert.A1 is the only system in its class with such a large range of features, compact enough in fact to sit directly beside your incubator. Look into the very essence of your research while keeping your cell culture in its own protected environment. Click here to view this video on YouTube HeLa Cells 10x

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Simpler. More Intelligent. More Integrated. Using All Standard Contrast Techniques, LED Excitation – Gentle on Your Living Samples Ergonomic Design Makes Your Work Easier Brightfield, Phase contrast, PlasDIC, improved ­ You are working with fluorescence-labeled cells or Ease of use is built right into Axio Vert.A1: Hoffman Modulation Contrast (iHMC) and Fluores- specify transfection rates? With Axio Vert.A1 your W ­ hether you are sitting or standing, simply use cence contrast – Axio Vert.A1’s range reads like an samples remain safe in gentle LED light. i ­ntermediate pieces to work comfortably...

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Your Insight into the Technology Behind It The IVF Contrast System Unites iHMC, iHMC Reveals even Finest Structures PlasDIC and DIC without Modification The new IVF contrast system is particularly effective You examine embryos and assess cell nuclei? in IVF labs: switch at will between iHMC, PlasDIC iHMC shows nucleus shape and nucleoli brilliantly. and DIC without modifying the stand. Axio Vert.A1 unites all three contrast techniques in one condenser and gives you enough room for micromanipulation. Embryo: Nucleus with nucleoli visible in right cell, iHMC The Stable Transmitted Light Arm Provides...

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ZEISS Axio Vert.A1 at Work HeLa cells – PlasDIC Embryo: Nucleus with nucleoli visible in right cell, iHMC ICSI: Oocyte with Zona pellucida, PlasDIC IMSI: Vacuoles in sperm cells, DIC Click here to view this video on YouTube HeLa cells – Ph

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ZEISS Axio Vert.AI: Your Flexible Choice of Components 1 Microscope ■ Axio Vert.AI, transmitted light ■ Axio Vert.AI FL, transmitted light and fluorescence • Axio Vert.AI FL-LED, transmitted light and LED fluorescence 2 Objectives • A-Plan • LD A-Plan • LD Plan-NEOFLUAR 3 Illumination • Transmitted light: halogen lamp, LED (wavelength 400 to 700 nm, peak at 460 nm) • Reflected light: HBO 50, HBO 100, HXP 120 C, LED modules (wavelength, nm): 365, 385, 420, 445, 455, 470, 505, 530, 590, 615, 625 or neutral white: 540 - 580 nm 4 Cameras Recommended cameras: • Axiocam ERc 5s • Axiocam ICc 1 • Axiocam...

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ZEISS Axio Vert.A1: System Overview

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Technical Specifications ZEISS Axio Vert.A1 FL-LED manual inverted stand, transmitted light manual inverted stand, transmitted light and fluorescence manual inverted stand, transmitted light and LED fluorescence Dimensions (W x D x H, including required space for cabling and plugs)

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> In Brief Technical Specifications Objectives > The Advantages > The Applications Nosepiece turret Objectives > The System > Technology and Details Objective magnification ZEISS Axio Vert.AI    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI > Service Contrast Methods (transmitted light) ZEISS Axio Vert.AI    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI Brightfield Phase contrast PlasDIC iHMC Illumination (transmitted light)    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI Hal 100 (Halogen)    Output: 37 W, controllability: continuous, < 1,5 to 12V    O    O    O LED    Output: 3 W, controllability:...

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> The Advantages > The Applications > The System > Technology and Details > Service Technical Specifications Accessories Tubes, Ergo intermediate Pieces Binocular tube 45°, 23 Binocular phototube, left 45°, 23 (50:50) Binocular phototube, 45°, 23 (50:50) Binocular ergotube, 30° - 60°, 23 Intermediate phototube, H = 50 mm, left port Ergo intermediate piece, H = 25 mm for optimization of viewing height Ergo intermediate piece, H = 50 mm for optimization of viewing height LD-condensor 0,3 for slider LD-condensor 0,4 for slider LD-condensor 0,4 for H Ph PlasDIC DIC iHMC LD-condensor 0,55 for H Ph...

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> Technology and Details > Service Technical Specifications Operational data Area of Use Protection Class / Protection Type Electrical Safety Overvoltage Category Radio interference Suppression Interference Immunity Power Supply Power Frequency Power Consumption internal Mains Adapte Closed spaces I, IP 20 acc. to DIN EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) allowing for CSA and UL specifications II acc. to EN 5501 1 Class B acc. to DIN EN 61326-1 100 to 240 V AC ±10 % 50 to 60 Hz max. 80 VA Power Supply for HBO 100 Area of Use Protection Class / Protection Type Power Supply Power Frequency Power Consumption...

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> In Brief    ZEISS Axio Vert.AI FL-LED >The AdvantageS    with changeable LED modules, wavelengths LED-classification    LED-risk group 1 acc. DIN EN 62471:2009 > The System    ZEISS Axio Vert-Ai FL_ Wave length    400 to 700 nm, peak at 460 nm > Techno|°gy and Detai|s    LED-classification    LED-risk group 1 acc. DIN EN 62471:2009 Fuses acc. to IEC 127 Stand Axio Vert.A1 Power Supply for HBO 50 Power Supply for HBO 100 Power Supply for HAL 100

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Count on Service in the True Sense of the Word Because the ZEISS microscope system is one of your most important tools, we make sure it is always ready to perform. What’s more, we’ll see to it that you are employing all the options that get the best from your microscope. You can choose from a range of service products, each delivered by highly qualified ZEISS specialists who will support you long beyond the purchase of your system. Our aim is to enable you to experience those special moments that inspire your work. Repair. Maintain. Optimize. Attain maximum uptime with your microscope. A ZEISS...

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