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Spotting AF Stopping Stroke - English - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Stroke claims lives In Europe, someone has a stroke every 20 seconds. It’s the disease that gives rise to the most days of care at European hospitals and is estimated to cost society around EUR 90 billion a year. Around 1.5 million people in Europe are affected each year, with around 20 percent of these expected to die and around 30 percent being left with serious disabilities. Many are forced to live with emotional, cognitive and motor impairments and are unable to live an independent life without a great deal of help from society. The need for longterm rehabilitation and care is extensive and...

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his heart activity over a longer period provide any signs of a deviation. Thanks to a tip, he found out about a research study at the hospital in Halmstad, Sweden. All residents aged between 75 and 76 in Halmstad municipality were given the chance to take part in a screening programme, with the aim of detecting atrial fibrillation. “I’m glad I was included in the study. Using a handy little device that takes an ECG using the thumbs, I could record my heart activity myself over a two-week period and have the results analysed remotely by a cardiologist. It turned out that there was a slight deviation,...

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Had atrial fibrillation without knowing it Stina Ringman is one of many hundreds of thousands of Swedes suffering from atrial fibrillation. She doesn’t know how long she’s had an abnormal heart rhythm. It wasn’t until she was 75 and was called in for an examination that the abnormality was detected. Today, she takes anticoagulants and goes for regular check-ups. There are several different methods for diagnosing abnormal heart rhythm, such as atrial fibrillation. Usually, an appointment is made by the healthcare provider to take an ECG. However, a longer process of recording is sometimes preferred,...

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Screening reduces suffering and costs Having atrial fibrillation means that you also have a five times greater risk of having a stroke. Stroke is the third most common cause of death after heart attack and cancer, and the most common cause of physical, emotional and cognitive disability in adults. Life changes radically after a stroke. For those stroke victims who survive, the way back is long and arduous. Many of them never regain their former state of health and are forced to live with severe disabilities and a poorer quality of life for the rest of their lives. By preventing stroke and identifying...

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Are there financial benefits to screening for atrial fibrillation? Stroke is one of the most expensive diseases in our society. The costs of stroke that can be attributed to atrial fibrillation amount to over EUR 30 billion a year. “It’s patently obvious that the costs of screening for atrial fibrillation are lower than those for not screening for it. Today, thousands of people are living with atrial fibrillation without knowing it, and without treatment. As they run a higher risk of having a stroke, each detection is important. The factors that determine whether a screening programme will be...

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Each day, several hundred people are given a correct diagnosis with the help of equipment from Zenicor. Thanks to this, these individuals can receive the correct treatment, thus allowing us to prevent a large number of people from being afflicted by stroke. Research and development is crucial to meeting the challenges that society and future healthcare services are faced with. The thumb-ECG from Zenicor is an example of a Swedish medtech innovation that contributes to improving quality of life and public health for people all over the world. Mats Palerius CEO, Zenicor Medical Systems AB Zenicor...

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