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FlexiHealth, personal protective screen for medical use Reinforce safety with your patient Description: Personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of viral exposure in medical procedures. Intended for dentists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, etc. FlexiHealth acts as a barrier to protect against droplets and aerosols that cause transmission of infection. It reinforces the safety of the health professional without altering the working conditions with the patient. Characteristics: It consists of a 3-4 mm thick polycarbonate screen, which provides optimal visibility of the operating field, as well as extreme resistance to shocks and scratches. It is equipped with a flexible articulated arm and an adjustable clamp that allows it to be fixed to any surface, according to the user's needs, occupying a minimum of space. ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES GLASSES OR FACE SHIELD HIGH RESISTANCE EASY DISINFECTION Maintenance and care: Its components can be dismantled independently for easy cleaning or relocation, in case of freelance professionals with services. Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth or rag and neutral soap. The use of glass cleaner is not recommended, as it could damage the glass. Specifications: Arm length: 1000 mm Screen sizes: 410 × 410 mm 330 × 330 mm Customized *Includes one arm and two interchangeable screens. Unit price without VAT. Shipping costs not included (EXW). For other quantities or personalized measures, please cons

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