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NATURAL SCIENCES Biology • Environment • Chemistry

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 2

MEMORABLE TEACHING MADE EASY! Dear customer, Discover the variety of possibilities for making your teaching even more memorable and exciting. We have assembled a wide range of products and experiments for you for teaching various course content in biology. We can offer you detailed models, high-quality preparations and realistic replicas that illustrate the structures of plants, animals, humans and the earth as well as numerous experiment sets to aid independent study, practicing and learning. From page 104 onwards, you can browse through the selection of products relating to the earth...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 3

› NEW IN NEUROPHYSIOLOGY Earthworm Experiment Set of equipment for neurophysiological experiments on intact earthworms. › NEW IN COMPUTER-ASSISTED EXPERIMENTATION Computer-assisted Experimentation in Teaching • oach 7 – The most versatile and comprehensive software for C teaching the MINT subjects • inciLab – A modern, universal, graphical data logger with V two processors and 8 GB of memory • Numerous sensors for many areas of application Page › NEW IN INSTRUMENTATION PCR Thermocycler The thermocycler makes it possible to amplify a very small starting quantity of DNA for analysi

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 4

HUMAN BIOLOGY Structure of bones Human senses Larynx and teeth System of organs Tissue and cells Developmental biology Health education ZOOLOGY Vertebrates (Vertebrata) Invertebrates (Invertebrata) Embryology Histology (studyoftissues) BOTANY Flowering and non-flowering plants Plant anatomy Photosynthesis MICROBIOLOGY Parasitology and pathogenic bacteria CELL BIOLOGY AND GENETICS Cells and cell division Reproduction and development Genetics 88 Osmosis and diffusion NEUROPHYSIOLOGY Neurophysiology PALEOBIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION Paleoanthropology Palaeozoology and palaeobotany CONTENTSENVIRONMENT...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 5

152 LABORATORY EQUIPMENT COMPUTER-ASSISTED EXPERIMENTATION INSTRUMENTATION Power supplies 166 Hand-held measuring instruments 168 Magnetic stirrers and heat sources 176 LAB MATERIAL Dissecting kits and instruments 180 Stand equipment and cables 184

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 6

BIOLOGY Your demands are our motivation! In order to enrich your biology lessons with illustrative materials, 3B Scientific has been setting quality standards in the production of dissections, replicas and models since 1948. The brand now has a worldwide presence with subsidiaries in Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and the USA. The 3B Scientific® models of the human skull now have magnetic joints that make it even easier to take apart. Many other models have functional magnets – they are labeled with this symbol in...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 7

› HUMAN BIOLOGY Many models illustrating human biology and all human skeletons are accurate castings. This guarantees you natural textures and realistic properties. All details are painted byhand so as to show even very complex structures precisely. Of course, we use only toxicologically harmless materials. › HEALTH EDUCATION We have much more to offer you, e.g. our popular and cost-effective teaching resources on the topics of contraception and first aid as well as teaching materials for the prevention of addiction. Attention to detail and faithfulness to reality are two special features...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 8

STRUCTURE OF BONES, SKELETONS Fissures in detail Magnetic connections for easy, hands-on demonstrations Stan the Classic Human Skeleton Model The Classic Skeleton Model Stan has been the standard of quality in hospitals, schools, universities, and laboratories for over 50 years. Stan is the most affordable full-size skeleton of this quality available anywhere, ideal for active use in teaching and demonstrations. This human skeleton model is easy to handle, anatomically correct (cast from real specimen) and economically priced. All 3B Scientific human skeleton models offer highest quality in...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 9

Emerging spinal nerves Over 600 labeled details Sam is your all-purpose teaching tool for all levels of student education Sam the Classic Skeleton with Elasticated Ligaments, Labels, Muscle Insertions and Origins This skeleton contains all the standard benefits of a 3B Scientific® Skeleton plus a bendable vertebral column, ligaments, painted muscles and over 600 labeled and identified structures. Sam’s fully flexible vertebral column allows you to demonstrate all natural postures, including the movements of the skull and head joints. The unique combination of a flexible vertebral column,...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 10

Shorty the Mini Skeleton • Top of the range miniature human skeleton models • 3-part removable skull (skullcap, base of skull, mandible) • Removable arms and legs • Specially mounted hip joints to demonstrate natural rotation of the hips • Made from durable, unbreakable plastic, hand assembled • Can be taken off of the base when required A. Shorty the Mini Skeleton, Pelvic Mounted 88 cm; 1.5 kg B-1000039 Shorty the Mini Skeleton, Hanging Stand (not shown) On hanging stand that can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. 94 cm; 1.7 kg B-1000040 B. Shorty with Painted Muscles, Pelvic...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 11

D O Atlas and Axis Wire mounted B-1000140 Atlas and Axis, with occipital plate Wire mounted together on removable stand. B-1000142 Cervical Section Real life replica consisting of occipital plate, the 7 vertebrae with discs, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries and spinal cord. Flexibly mounted on stand. 19 cm; 0.3 kg B-1000144 Lumbar Section High quality model of the 5 lumbar vertebrae with discs, sacrum with flap, coccyx, spinal nerves and spinal cord. On removable stand. 34 cm; 0.6 kg B-1000146 Anatomical Lifting Manikin This functional figure provides a graphic demonstration of how the...

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Catalog Natural Sciences - 12

Classic Flexible Spine Model1 Affordable spine model, extremely popular in medical education. Male pelvis. 74 cm; 1.8 kg B-1000121 Classic Spines > Fully flexible spine models for hands-on demonstrations! All models of the classic series are of the highest quality, made of an extremely durable material for everyday use. They are anatomically correct and precisely detailed, and show even the finest structures. Flexibly mounted for more realistic demonstrations. Other features of all spines in the Classic Series include: + Full pelvis and occipital plate + Fully flexible mounting + L3-L4 disc...

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