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ENHANCE YOUR SIMULATION TRAINING WITH REALITi360 YOUR MOBILE SIM-CENTER IN A BAG The REALITi360 Ecosystem enables medical educators to run almost any training scenario from basic to complex. Provide your students with a rich educational experience, allowing them to acquire new skills for pre-hospital emergency and inhospital patient cases. Train anytime, anywhere with REALITi360: in an ambulance, helicopter, sim-center, or in-hospital. REALITi360 is a completely mobile solution helping to improve the realism and flexibility of your scenario based training. Prepare your students for emergency response protocols, disaster and incident management.

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iSimulate REALITi360 Product Ecosystem - 2

› FIND THE REALITi360 KIT TO SUPPORT YOUR SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: › SIMULATIONS COME TO LIFE WITH THE REALITi360 ECOSYSTEM: + REALITi Plus Universal (Generic) Screens – Monitors, Defibrillator, AED, Ventilator Premium Simulated Screens included (Zoll, Philips, Schiller, etc.) ECG Waveforms – Rate Controllable Invasive Blood Pressure Waveforms Critical Care Waveforms Scenario Creation Patient Images Simulated monitor / defibrillator screen “Zoll® Propaq® MD” Simulated monitor / defibrillator screen “DEFIGARD Touch 7” Laboratory Reports Training Management System Video Debriefing...

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iSimulate REALITi360 Product Ecosystem - 3

› THE REALITi360 ECOSYSTEM – SELECT YOURS TODAY REALITi Go – Start your simulation training with the basics Complete with 6 universal screens, instructors have a set-up to prepare course participants effectively and realistically for their assignments in the preclinical and clinical area. Item No. 1022862 REALITi Plus – Improve your simulation activities Ready to introduce a simulated screen to your training. REALITi Plus is the perfect choice for introducing medical students and EMT’s to the operation and functionality of a monitor or defibrillator in the field. Item No. 1022815 REALITi...

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