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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 1

EMERGENCY AND TACTICAL MEDICAL CARE SIMULATION All products also available online at

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 2

TACTICAL MEDICAL CARE TRAINING Tactical Hemorrhage Control Training Manikin Full-body, remotely-activated simulator designed for point-of-injury, tactical medicine training for law enforcement and first responders. Ultra-realistic and fully mobile, it is ideally suited for training rapid assessment and treatment of trauma injuries in disaster drill and active shooter simulation scenarios. The Tactical Hemorrhage Control Training Manikin is delivered with: • 3,8 l concentrated artificial blood (antimicrobial antifungal, antifreeze) • 2 rechargeable batteries and chargers • 2 wireless remote...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 3

Airway management Life-like bleeding, respiration and vital signs Hemorrhage management, 3 l blood reservoir 5 different combat wound configurations Standard and junctional tourniquet, use any tourniquet for application training Water resistant Extremely realistic material, no hard plastics › A SUPER-REALISTIC POINT OF INJURY CASUALTY CARE SIMULATOR FOR TCCC TRAINING Full body manikin with combat wounds to enhance TCCC training The TCCS offers military, government forces, medical rescue, and private security a realistic way for combat trauma care training: • Traumatic battlefield wounds •...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 4

iSIMULATE Patient Simulation and Mobile Debriefing Debriefing is one of the most relevant parts of medical simulation training. REALITi is a smart and highly advanced patient monitor simulator that mimics proprietary monitors and defibrillators. CTGi – Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Simulator CTGi is an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package. The lightness and simplicity, using just two iPads®, makes the CTGi ideal for in-situ training. Features of the CTGi Fetal Heart Rate Simulator: • Realistic function & detail – CTGi allows you to create...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 5

Pediatric Water Rescue Manikins: Excellent top and bottom water rescue device: + Will sink to the bottom when filled with water + Have articulating joints + Made of durable plastic and rust-resistant steel Rescue Randy - Adult Manikin Fully articulated for positioning in widely diversified training environments, made of tough cast vinyl with zinc-plated steel frame for longevity and rugged use. 1.67 m tall, 74 kg 1005703 Child Water Rescue Manikin 3 years old, 9 kg 1005739 Infant Water Rescue Manikin  6 - 9 months old, 5.5 kg 1018327 Rescue Randy 9000 Adult rescue manikin made from rugged...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 6

BASIC LIFE SUPPORT › NEW! CPR Training Manikin CPRLilly PRO+ monitors up to 10 trainees at a Quality time and complies with new AHA’s 2019 requirements for direct feedback. AIRWAY MANAGEMENT AirSim® Advance X The AirSim® Advanced Model features the uniquely constructed AirSim airway designed to provide true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features. The addition of a “real-feel” skin covering provides a more realistic bag mask ventilation training experience. 1015527 Features: ++Improved neck design allowing for accurate articulation ++Anatomically accurate nasal passage...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 7

ADVANCED TRAUMA LIFE SUPPORT SMART STAT Basic with iPad** This high-end patient simulator takes ALS training into the student’s environment. Instructors can evaluate student knowledge, skill levels, and critical thinking abilities by utilizing the applications via the included iPad**. Responsive controls and dynamic scenarios are easy to manage with PDF formatted reports. This simulator can function in the lab and in the field for ascertaining diagnostic ability. Student performance records can be transferred to a computer, and chronological scenario event logs can be printed. SMART STAT...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 8

INJECTION TRAINING 3B Scientific® Upper Leg I.M. Injection Trainer Practice proper I.M. injection techniques. Strap it onto the upper leg. Operates on AA batteries. • Both audio and visual feedback • Use for training and performance evaluation • Includes all important anatomical palpable landmarks • Life-like silicone skin is extremely durable, can quickly be exchanged • Robust and easy to clean 1000511 3B Scientific® I.M. Injection Pad A simple intramuscluar injection pad trainer that simulates muscle tissue. • Injection made to a depth of 50 mm • Life-like skin • Absorbs fluid 1005190 3B...

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Medical Simulation EMS TCCC - 9

› ULTRA-REALISTIC HEMORRHAGE CONTROL TRAINING MANIKIN. Find all details about the Tactical Hemorrhage Control Training Manikin online at and on page 3 in this booklet. Please contact us to schedule a demo session.

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