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DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER, Our mission at 3B Scientific is to “Advance Medical Education”. To reach this goal for our customers, innovation is at the core of everything we do in product development across the entire 3B Scientific group of companies. In the last couple of years, we have created and added many new simulation products and upgraded our anatomy line with the free software 3B Smart Anatomy in order to provide you with new choices in this rapidly evolving marketplace. In 2019, Cardionics – the leaders in auscultation – joined the 3B Scientific group, followed by iSimulate in 2020....

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About 3B Scientific 3B Scientific was founded in 1948 in Hamburg, Germany and has grown to be one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of Medical and Science Education solutions. The product portfolio covers a complete and comprehensive range of equipment for simulation and skill training, anatomy, healthcare and patient education. The brand name 3B Scientific® stands for best quality, best value, and best service. THE INTERNATIONAL 3B SCIENTIFIC GROUP KEEPS ON GROWING! Apart from developing new and innovative products to cater to medical educators, the 3B Scientific Group has built...

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NIKKI THE NURSING MANIKIN WITH AUSCULTATION Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation offers 11 anterior and 4 posterior auscultation sites with 42 high quality sounds powered by Cardionics – the Leader in Auscultation Simulation. The manikin was developed specifically for scenario-based simulation to improve competency in patient care and advanced nursing skills. Nikki the Nursing Manikin simulates an adult, life-size patient and comes with the training stethoscope NursingScope powered by Cardionics. NursingScope is an electronic simulation-training stethoscope created for auscultation...

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WITH REALISTIC WOUND AND BLEEDING SIMULATION. HEMORRHAGE CONTROL LEG TRAINER P103 Hemorrhage Control Training at its best with this Hemorrhage Control Leg Trainer P103, your affordable and easy solution for realistic training of bleeding control and management of traumatic injuries on the thigh. Train how to manage difficult bleedings using tourniquets, wound packing and train amputation management skills. This leg trainer P103 is equipped with three different wound patterns and is available in light and dark skin tone. HEMORRHAGE CONTROL ARM TRAINER P102 Improve pre-hospital patient care...

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iSimulate was founded by Peter Mckie and Anthony Lewis in 2011 with the mission of providing effective, reliable and realistic simulation tools. The solution they developed together has revolutionized healthcare simulation training worldwide. In January 2020, iSimulate joined forces with the 3B Scientific Group. Today, a significant emphasis for strong growth and the development of the product pipeline lies in the active collaboration from and partnership with the experts from 3B Scientific and Cardionics. PATIENT MONITORING iSIMULATE – THE LEADER IN CLINICAL EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY OFFERING...

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>THE REALITi 360 ECOSYSTEM - SELECT YOURS TODAY - NO HIDDEN FEES CD z cm O H Z o • Mimics real defibrillators, monitors and ventilators • Fosters engaging assessment for students and distance based learning • Includes a built in Training Management System to access all your simulation data • Has a built in radiology and 12 lead ECG library • Turns any training into a high quality scenario simulation • Create Scenarios in minutes REALITi 360 simulates a wide variety of premium branded patient monitor, defibrillator and ventilator screens, providing added realism to your in-situ training....

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> FIND THE REALITi 360 KIT TO SUPPORT YOUR SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: REALITi GO Item Number iOS Version Universal (Generic) Screens -Monitors, Defibrillator, AED, Ventilator Premium Simulated Screens included (Zoll, Philips, Schiller, etc.) Optional Premium Screens to choose from Patient Monitor Tablet (included) Controller Tablet (included) 1 WiFi Router 1 USB Powerbank 1 Simulation bag and Accessory set* ECG Waveforms - Rate Controllable ECG - Advanced Functions Static ECG - 12 Lead Live/Dynamic ECG - 12 Lead SpO2 Waveforms CO2 Waveforms Invasive Blood Pressure Waveforms Critical...

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TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE SIMULATION SUITE Example of a wound configuration, many more options at IMPROVING PATIENT CARE UNDER FIRE 10 The Tactical Casualty Care Simulation Suite is a suite of life-like and anatomically accurate, high-fidelity, male and female simulators for comprehensive TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and medical provider level care training. Featuring lifel-ike tissue and high anatomic fidelity, the TCCS (Tactical Casualty Care Simulators) and TCCS Plus lines of simulators are highly ruggedized, water-resistant and fully mobile. With over 10+ hours of...

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TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE SIMULATOR PLUS (TCCS PLUS) Comprehensive Tactical Combat Casualty Care Preparedness A High-Fidelity, Clinically-Responsive Tactical Trauma Simulator for Prolonged Field Care Training TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE SIMULATOR FEMALE (TCCSF) TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE SIMULATOR FEMALE PLUS (TCCSF PLUS) The World’s First Life-Identical Female Tactical Simulator for TCCC Training High-Fidelity Medical Provider Level Prolonged Field Care for the Female Combatant • uggedized, soldier-form simulators for comprehensive TCCC preparation, R available in different standard wound pattern...

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BASIC LIFE SUPPORT Now smarter with CPR Feedback app › THE ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE CPR TRAINING › 3B SCIENTIFIC® QUALITY CPR TRAINING MANIKIN CPRLILLY PRO+ MONITORS BASICBILLY+ BASIC LIFE SUPPORT SIMULATOR CPRLILLY PRO+ UP TO 10 TRAINEES AT A TIME AND COMPLIES WITH AHA’S REQUIREMENTS FOR DIRECT FEEDBACK MANIKIN NOW COMES WITH DIRECT FEEDBACK The manikin BASICBilly+ Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR manikin now comes with a direct CPR feedback Upgrade Kit which enables students and instructors to effectively train CPR with the free, accurate and user friendly mobile apps powered by...

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