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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 | Contents

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 I. DESCRIPTION OF THE NURSE TRAINING DOLL 1. General Description of the Doll and its Uses The Nurse Training Doll has been developed as a teaching model, especially for training nurses. There is a wide range of exercises possible including both first aid and emergency situations, and standard nursing practices. The mannequin is constructed to simulate as nearly as possible the normal positions and move-ments of the human body. The doll has been developed with the help of nursing teachers. The mannequin is made of a very resistant plastic and carefully...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 2. Assembly For shipment, the Nurse Training Doll is disassembled and packed in a strong corrugated box. The doll is easily assembled if the instructions below are followed carefully. The necessary tools can be found on the inside of the abdominal wall. All parts of the doll should be unpacked and arranged as shown on the picture below. The female insert is in place in the doll. The two piece trunk of the Patient Care Manikin PRO contains the internal, organs. These should be removed first to simplify the attachment of the limbs. 2a. Removal of the Inner...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 2c. Attachment of the lower limbs Place the two lower limbs ready and remove the nuts from the bolts on the joint balls. Then lead the thigh with the removable bolt through the drilled hole in the socket of the torso and screw the nut tight. 2d. Installation of the Organs in the Thoracic and Abdominal Cavities (This is done only with the Patient Care Manikin PRO) The lungs are inserted first. Grasp the trachea and the esophagus which protrude into the thoracic cavity with one hand and raise them up. With the other hand push the compressed lungs into the...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 2f. Installation of the Internal Organs (Patient Care Manikin PRO) Put the lower intestine in place insterting its bolt into the rectum (fixed to the genital insert). Put the bolt in place and tighten. Insert the bladder by srewing it into the urethra. 2g. Installation of the Abdominal Cover The abdominal cover (with an ostomy site) may now be put in place. In the case of the Patient Care Manikin PRO, the ostomy site (which has no connection to the intestine) must be fastened to the inside of the abdominal cover. The nursing doll is now ready for use. 3....

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 II. USES OF THE TRAINING DOLL The major exercises possible with the nurse training doll are presented. A. Basic Patient Care For the seriously ill or helpless patient, nurses must perform daily body care. The nursing doll may be used to practice procedures for fast and thorough body care. In addition, procedures which make it easier for the nurse to lift, carry, and put the patient to bed may be practiced. The standard training doll (without internal organs) is sufficient for practicing all procedures that are concerned with basic patient care 1. Lifting,...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 B. Medical care 1. Preventive Techniques Practice with the nurse training doll will prepare the nursing student thoroughly for carrying out a wide range of preventive techniques. 1a. Prevention of Bedsores (Decubitus) With bedridden patients the weight of the body on the tissues of the back and legs can eventually lead to the production of skin ulcers (decubitus). Measures taken to prevent decubitus can be demonstrated with the nursing doll. Moving the patient to several different positions (prone, supine, on the side, etc.) can be demonstrated. The best...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 3. Resuscitation The training doll provides an excellent means for practicing several resuscitation techniques. 3a. Mouth to Nose Preparation of the patient for mouth to nose resuscitation can be practiced on the doll (positioning the patient, clearing the air passages, and removal of the dental prothesis). The technique of mouth to nose resuscitation can be shown with the doll, even showing the expansion of the lungs if the technique is properly executed. For this exercise the stomach must be connected to the esophagus and the drain aperture of the lung...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 6. Irrigations and Lavages Exercises with the doll to show body temperature irrigations (with or without medications) should be carried out using only water. 6a. Irrigation of the Eyes The eyelids of the nursing doll are elastic so that all manipulations involved with the irrigation of the eyes can be carried out. It is also possible to show how to apply ophthalmic ointments and how to put drops into the eyes. Only water should be used for these exercises. 6b. Irrigation of the Ears The external auditory passage is closely simulated in the doll though it...

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3B-NURSE TRAINING DOLL P10/1, P11/1 9. Injections and Infusions The nurse training doll is designed so that both injections and infusions may be practiced. Injections pads on the thighs, upper arms, and buttocks provide sites for theses exercises. Only water or distilled water should be used. 9a. Hypodermic Injections The technique for hypodermic injection can be practiced on the injection pads inserted in the upper arms and thighs. Proper care of the injection site can be demonstrated on the doll. 9b. Intramuscular Injections The technique for intramuscular injections can be practiced...

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