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BASICBilly+ CPR Feedback: • Compression depth • Compression rate • Chest complete • Appropriate ventilation volume • Hands-off time The new Basic Life Support manikin BASICBilly+ now comes with a direct CPR feedback Upgrade Kit which enables students and instructors to effectively train CPR with the free, accurate and user friendly mobile apps powered by heartisense®. This high quality and economical AHA compliant manikin is a complete solution to train, monitor, analyse and debrief CPR performance. The manikin connects with the app using a strong and reliable Bluetooth connection – no need to set up a wireless network. The Instructor App provides a detailed performance review of up to 6 manikins at a time while the Student App enables trainees to directly see and monitor their CPR pe

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› THE ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE CPR TRAINING MANIKIN: AHA COMPLIANT WITH DIRECT FEEDBACK CPR SMARTER WITH CK APPS FEEDBA Intuitive Student Feedback saved and offer a complete performance improvement debriefing functionality CPR App Features (with Upgrade Kit): • Offers overall scoring and point of improvement during CPR • Direct (real-time) and summative CPR feedback for students • Saved student results for review • Export or share students result/certificate as a PDF file • Instructor view can monitor up to 6 manikins at a time Includes training BLS manikin and Upgrade Kit Light Skin Tone:...

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