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Upgrade Kit BASICBilly+ Basic Life Support BASICBilly+ manikin USER INSTRUCTIONS

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 1. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 1.1. What is the BASICBilly+ Upgrade kit? As a sensor kit installed in the Basic Life Support Billy manikin the Upgrade kit provides feedback regarding the CPR action in real-time, allowing users to have a complete training experience. CPR feedback can be received in real time by connecting the Upgrade kit installed to the mobile applications. The application provides feedback for the compression (depth, recoil, rate), breath (volume) and hands-off time in real-time, and the feedback and evaluation standard meets the latest guideline of the...

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 2. COMPONENTS OF THE BASICBilly+ 2.1. Hardware BASICBilly+ Upgrade kit The Upgrade kit sends compression and breath data to the mobile device application in real time. Breath module Lung bag The lung bag is connected to the breath module and can measure the volume and timing of breath. Breath module sensor holder BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ | COMPONENTS OF THE PRODUCT ColorID stickers Users can use ColorID stickers to identify their BASICBilly+, during the initial set-up of the first connection. (Please refer to section 5 for further details.)

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 2.2. BASICBilly+ Software applications CPR add-on kit Student application The Student app is a learning application and this software analyzes CPR carried out by a student in real time and gives feedback. • Measures the CPR performance and gives real-time feedback • Saves and converts measured data into a score • Reviews and exports the saved score CPR add-on kit Instructor application The Instructor app is a training application that enables the monitoring of CPR carried out by a student or more in real time and helps with evaluation, recording and management of the...

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 3. HARDWARE INSTALLATION 3.1. Installing the BASICBilly+ Upgrade kit 1) isassemble two screws from the back of the manikin. If the screw are not installed on your D version please proceed to the next step. 2) ake off the manikin skin, and disassemble the clicker located next to the spring from the manikin. T Store it separately or discard it. 3) Take off the protective film from the sticker on the back of your Upgrade Kit. 4) nstall the Upgrade kit inside the BASICBilly so the kit can fit the frame and make sure the hole on I the kit has been placed towards the...

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 3.2. Installing the lung bag 1) Disassemble manikin’s mouth in order to change the lung bag more easily. 2) emove the lung bag which is not equiped with the Breath module holder and install the new lung R bag delivered in the Upgrade kit. 3) hen assembling chest frame back to the manikin, do not forget to pass the breath module W through the left top hole on the chest frame 4) ttach the Breath module to the breath module holder situated on the lung bag. Put back the skin A of the manikin and make sure the lung bag is not strangely folded. The BASICBilly+ is now ready...

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 4. SOFTWARE INSTALLATION 4.1. Installing the apps 1) Connect to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). CPR add-on kit Student CPR add-on kit Instructor GET BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ | SOFTWARE INSTALLATION 3) Download the Student app or the Instructor app.

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 5. PREPARATION FOR USE 5.1. Checking the power of the kit Make sure the kit makes beeping sound when the batteries are inserted. Beeping sound means the power is on. If there is no input (chest compression or breath delivery, or both) for more than 10 minutes while the power is on, the kit will turn off automaticaly.. To turn On the manikin, perform some chest com ressions. If you hear the beeping sound again, the p BASICBilly+ is On. . 5.2. Initial connection and set-up When the BASICBilly+ is connected for the first time, assign ColorID and perform breath...

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 5.4. Assigning ColorID 1) When a new BASICBilly+ kit is connected to the CPR add-on kit application for the first time, the ColorID set-up is automatically initiated. During the set up, the connected manikin will beep constantly each 5 seconds so you can identify him. 2) Choose a color + number combination you want to assign to this manikin (Choosing color is mandatory.) 3) When you select ‘Assign’, the ColorID assignment is completed. 4) Stick the corresponding color and number stickers on your manikin. 5.5. Resetting ColorID ColorID for each kit may be re-set....

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BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ 6. MAIN FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION 6.1. Tab menu CPR add-on kit Student app The CPR add-on kit Student app consists of the following tabs. You can monitor CPR performance in real time. You can manage saved training records. You can adjust the settings applied to the training including the guideline and score calculation settings. Training CPR add-on kit Instructor app The CPR add-on kit Instructor app consists of the following tabs. You can select the measurement method and monitor CPR performance in real time. The connected manikin information is displayed,...

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6.2. Learning using the Student app 1) Run the CPR add-on kit Student and then select Connect Kit on the main screen. 2) Select the desired manikin ID from the list to begin the Bluetooth connection. 3) When the kit is connected to the app for the first time, the breath module should be calibrated. The calibration screen will pop up automatically. *Deliver a proper volume of breath 5 times as instructed on the screen and press the Save button. 12 BLS MANIKIN BASICBilly+ | MAIN FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION

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4) hen the Bluetooth connection is made successfully, the manikin information will be displayed W on the screen. Select the evaluation item(s), measuring compression only or both compression and breath. * You can calibrate the breath sensor by selecting the target-shaped icon. If the breath sensor is calibrated If the breath sensor is not calibrated * You can set the metric of measurement Evaluation is carried out based on the hands-only CPR. Evaluation is carried out based on the CPR (30:2). 5) When a user performs CPR, the application gives feedback for the compression or breath. 6) When...

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