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3D Sprint for SLS Quality prints at higher throughput and lower costs. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers from 3D Systems produce tough, functional complex parts, with excellent resolution, accuracy, durability, repeatability and low total cost of operations. SLS gets even better with 3D Sprint additive manufacturing software. Higher Throughput MAXIMIZED SLS PRINT CAPACITY Get more parts per build with 3D Sprint automatic part nesting in the build area, saving time and minimizing waste. With speed-optimized algorithms, software processing time is shorter while achieving an optimized part positioning on the platform. • Maximizes print capacity by fitting more parts in the build area • Increases material efficiency and reduces waste with lower build height for the same number of parts • Sets up the same build in dramatically shorter time over the legacy SLS software • Faster handling of bigger, denser data sets utilizing the cutting edge software platform 3D Sprint high density build platform with 198 parts automatically positioned within a 361.88mm build height PRINT SET UP SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS Importing parts Nesting Quality Check Build Time Estimate Creating Build File 3D Sprint’s lightning-fast processing, with parts check while importing them, automatic parts nesting and orientation can save 35+ minutes on typical build setups. 1000 PRINT SET UP SOFTWARE PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS Optimize your production planning Save time setting up profile parameters • Reliable and repeatable build time estimator for warm up, print and cool down stages • Designed for a deviation of no more than 10% from the actual build time • Know the latest job status and planning information in the Print Queue, with remote printer connection capability • Set up your build and part profile easily with the intuitive graphical interface • Graphical feedback is given to the user if parameter constraints are not met • Easily set favorite parameters Part editing tools to make build time decisions about part Geometry • Easily retrieve small parts from the build by enclosing them in a cage • Reduce print time and material usage by hollowing the part • Work with the mesh easily and

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Successful Quality 3D printing SLS produces high quality parts with excellent resolution, surface finish and edge definition. With 3D Sprint quality checks and repair tools, you can rely on successful SLS builds and consistent high part quality. Compatible SLS Printers 3D Sprint works natively with all current 3D Systems SLS printers: • ProX® SLS 6100 • sPro™ 60, 140 & 230* • ProX® SLS 500* Network connected machines can be easily discovered or directly connected to by IP address. Direct connection allows for online job submission, queue management, and the ability to access machine...

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