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PROcedure Rehearsal Studio TM

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A New Level of Preparedness for Endovascular Procedures PROcedure Rehearsal Studio unique capabilities create a bridge between the world of imaging and medical devices. The unique FDA cleared software allows clinicians to create a patient specific 3D digital model based on a patient’s CT. 3D digital models can be exported to a virtual simulation environment or in the form of STL* (stereolithography) files for use in wide variety of applications, including 3D printing and CAD software for the purpose of preoperative surgical planning. VASCULAR SEGMENTATION Innovative technology provides...

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PROcedure Rehearsal StudioTM - 3

The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio (PRS) allows clinicians to create a patient specific 3D digital anatomical model based on a patient's CT for the purpose of pre-operative surgical planning. TM One Platform - Multiple Benefits • Provides efficient platform for pre and postoperative debriefing. • Simplifies procedure planning. • Increases confidence when performing real procedures. • May reduce procedure time and patient exposure to risks. • May decrease amount of contrast and tools used. • Enhances intra-staff collaboration. • Improves communication with patients and their families. • Expands...

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PROcedure Rehearsal StudioTM - 4

"The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio provides a platform to practice and optimize procedures using personalized patient data in advance of performing live cases, assuring an unparalleled opportunity to streamline all aspects of the actual procedure, improve patient safety, and reduce the use of additional costly devices that are often needed when procedures are unable to be rehearsed." John H. Rundback, MD, FAHA, FSVM, FSIR Medical Director, Interventional Institute Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, NJ Healthcare Solutions 3D Systems is a pioneer for healthcare solutions that improve outcomes...

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