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ProJet® 1200 Micro-SLA® Dental Wax-up 3D Printer Quickly and economically produce highly accurate and detailed wax-ups for perfect fit, every time The affordable ProJet® 1200 3D printer from 3D Systems puts the high precision and exceptionally fine feature detail of a professional 3D printer right on your lab bench. Wax-ups made on the ProJet 1200 are castable and pressable with standard dental lab equipment, so it is ideal for copings, pressed ceramics, bridges and veneers. The precision of the ProJet 1200 allows you to create unique feathered edges and crisp grooves that are commonly found on tooth anatomy. The ProJet 1200 is so affordable to own and use that every dental CAD/CAM designer can have one at his desk, so there’s no waiting to start a print on a shared printer. With an integrated curing chamber, everything you need is built, and replenishing material is as easy as popping in a new VisiJet® FTX cartridge.

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ProJet® 1200 Micro-SLA® Dental Wax-up 3D Printer A low-cost, professional-grade dental wax-up 3D printer Built-in UV Curing Station – Easy installer – Network connection – Windows®-based OS – Automatic and optimised supports File Input Get started with 3D printing at an economical price – The ProJet 1200’s affordability and its inexpensive prints make it a perfect tool for every dental CAD/CAM designer. Print copings for as little as $0.40 in materials. Get started quickly – The ProJet 1200 features a convenient bench- top size and pushbutton operation. Weight 3D Printer Crated 3D Printer...

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