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ProJet® 6000 & 7000 Professional 3D Printers Printer Utility Precision SLA® Quality Highest Precision Highest Accuracy Highest Quality

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ProJet® 6000/7000 - 2

ProJet® 6000 & 7000 Professional 3D Printers The ProJet® 6000 and 7000 crossover printers offer ease-of-use and low cost of ownership of a 3D printer with print precision and performance quality of production SLA® parts. The ProJet® crossover printers come in two different sizes, three high definition print configurations and with a wide range of VisiJet® SL print materials including tough, flexible, black, clear, high temperature, high impact, dental and jewelry. Intuitive Touch Screen Highest Quality Parts Toughest Production Applications Polypropylene-like look and feel White opaque...

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ProJet® 6000/7000 - 3

VisiJet® SL Materials for ProJet® 6000 & 7000 Printers The wide range of VisiJet® SL engineered materials offers the toughest and the highest quality parts to meet a variety of commercial and production applications. VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL VisiJet® SL Flex Tough Clear Black Impact HiTemp e-Stone™ Jewel Clear Amber Cartridge Volume Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus Flexural Strength Flexural Modulus Impact Strength (Notched Izod) Heat Distortion Temperature D 648 (HDT) @ 0.45 MPa Hardness, Shore D Glass Transition (Tg) USP Class VI...

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ProJet® 6000/7000 - 4

Ex tend I nnovation. Ex tend Produc tion. Ex te nd Choices. ProJet® 6000 SD Net Build Volume (xyz) Tall Medium Short Resolution HD - 0.125 mm, 0.125 mm layers UHD - 0.125 mm, 0.100 mm layers XHD - 0.075 mm, 0.050 mm layers Accuracy 0.001-0.002 inch (0.025-0.05 mm) per inch of part dimension Accuracy may vary depending on build parameters, part geometry and size, part orientation and post-processing methods Materials VisiJet® SL Flex VisiJet® SL Tough VisiJet® SL Clear VisiJet® SL Black VisiJet® SL Impact VisiJet® SL HiTemp VisiJet® SL e-Stone™ VisiJet® SL Jewel 0.001-0.002 inch (0.025-0.05...

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