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Selective Laser Sintering Printers Production thermoplastic parts with ProX® and sPro™ SLS 3D printers 3D Systems’ Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers produce tough, functional complex parts, with excellent surface finish, resolution, accuracy, repeatability and low total cost of operation

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Limitless possibilities with tool-less manufacturing The ultimate 3D printing technology for thermoplastic parts, without compromise ELIMINATE THE TIME AND EXPENSE OF TOOLING INCREASE MANUFACTURING AGILITY Direct 3D production from a CAD file eliminates the cost overhead and increasing economies of scope. Additive manufacturing requires no tooling, reducing and time involved in tooling and fixtures. STREAMLINE YOUR WORKFLOW DESIGN FOR FUNCTION SLS technology frees designers from the restrictions of Eliminate extensive programming and fixturing to free traditional manufacturing. Complete...

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Robust Thermoplastics for a Variety of Applications Produce tough, durable parts from the wide DuraForm® materials portfolio that has been optimized, validated and tested to ensure quality, with uniform 3D mechanical properties. When you compare material properties, you’ll find DuraForm SLS materials compare very well with common injection molding materials. These materials are ideal for both production and prototype parts. NYLON/POLYAMIDE 12 THERMOPLASTICS Extra strong thermoplastics with superior mechanical properties, surface quality and fine-feature resolution for enduse parts that...

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Selective Laser Sintering Printers Production thermoplastic parts with ProX® and sPro™ SLS 3D printers ProX® SLS 6100 PRINTER PROPERTIES 3D Printer Size Crated (WxDxH) 3D Printer Size Uncrated (WxDxH) 3D Printer Weight Crated 3D Printer Weight Uncrated Single or dual MQCs Electrical Requirements Laser Power Type Powder Recycling and Handling Automatic (single or dual Material Quality Control systems or MQC servicing one or two printers respectively) Manual (enables material changeovers) Systems Warranty One-year warranty, under 3D Systems purchase terms and conditions PRINTING...

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