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STEREOLITHOGRAPHY PRINTERS Prototypes, tools and production parts with ProJet® and ProX™ SLA 3D printers

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The original, and most accurate, 3D printing technology, fine tuned for even greater speed and reliability 3D Systems, the inventor of Stereolithography (SLA), brings you legendary precision in 3D printers, fine-tuned for cost-efficiency and unrivaled material availability. These advanced 3D printers produce exact plastic parts without the restrictions of CNC or injection molding. In addition to prototypes and end-use parts, these SLA printers create casting patterns, rapid tooling and fixtures. With speed, accuracy and surface quality of this level, you can produce low- to medium-run parts...

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ProJet® 6000 & 7000 Step up to the gold standard in 3D printing with genuine SLA The ProJet 6000 offers all the benefits of SLA in a smaller footprint, so you can print with fine feature detail in a wide choice of VisiJet® performanceengineered materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties. The ProJet 7000 offers the same SLA benefits of the ProJet 6000, with more than double the build volume so you can print even larger parts for prototyping, rapid tooling and end-use with fine-feature detail. Microfluidic mixers printed in VisiJet SL Flex Electrical connector prototypes...

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ProX™ 800 & 950 Production SLA for the ultimate in speed, accuracy and operating economics ProX 800 and ProX 950 SLA printers build parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances. Offering the broadest range of materials among all 3D printers, they are also highly efficient, with minimal waste. Combined with their exceptional productivity and reliability, it’s no wonder that 3D Systems SLA printers are the #1 choice of professional service bureaus. TRULY PRODUCTION-READY More than 20 million products are manufactured every year on 3D Systems...

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Material Spotlight: Parts made from SLA materials are the industry’s “gold standard” for accuracy, providing excellent resolution, surface finish and dimensional tolerances. Accura materials run on the ProX series, and VisiJet materials run on the ProJet series. TOUGH, DURABLE POLYPROPYLENE-LIKE Excellent general purpose prototyping and production materials for most applications, including snap fit. • • • • • • • Accura 25 Accura PP White Accura Xtreme Accura Xtreme White 200 VisiJet SL Flex VisiJet SL Tough VisiJet SL Impact ABS-LIKE Rigid plastics that offer similar aesthetics and...

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ProJet 6000 Max Build Envelope Capacity (W x D x H) Build Material VisiJet SL Flex VisiJet SL Tough VisiJet SL Clear VisiJet SL Black VisiJet SL Impact VisiJet SL HiTemp VisiJet SL e-Stone™ VisiJet SL Jewel VisiJet SL Flex VisiJet SL Tough VisiJet SL Clear VisiJet SL Black VisiJet SL Impact VisiJet SL HiTemp VisiJet SL e-Stone™ VisiJet SL Jewel Accura 25 Accura 48 HTR Accura 55 Accura 60 Accura ABS Black Accura ABS White Accura Amethyst Accura Bluestone Accura CastPro Accura CastPro Free Accura CeraMAX Accura ClearVue Accura ClearVue Free Accura eStone Accura PEAK Accura PP White Accura...

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