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Dental System Easy and Productive CAD/CAM Workflows High Accuracy Color Scanning Widest Range of Indications Extensive Design Toolbox

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Dental System Easy and Productive CAD/CAM Workflows High Accuracy Color Scanning Widest Range of Indications Extensive Design Toolbox

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Technology designed the way you work

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Easy and productive CAD/CAM workflows for dental professionals Many call it “the most powerful CAD/CAM solution in the world”. Others prefer to speak of its efficient workflows, many tools, ease of use, and widest range of indications. No matter how you describe it, 3Shape’s Dental System™ continues to maintain its long-standing leadership as the world’s most innovative and sold lab system for dental CAD/CAM. 3Shape’s Dental System™ 2015 brings Dental System™ provides 3D scanning, Dental System™ is an open and flexible labs new opportunities for expanding CAD modeling, order management, in-...

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The full digital service lab Digitization of the dental lab industry is progressing faster than most have anticipated. CAD/CAM technology solves many pressing challenges by allowing labs to be more productive, offer more products, apply new materials, provide attractive services and grow their business. We see a future in which all restorations are handled digitally with minimal finishing. Our mission is to help labs meet this future with solutions that allow them to compete and prosper. Tais Clausen CTO and Co-founder 3Shape Today 3Shape already provides us with a predictable and efficient...

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The right CAD/CAM solution Can thousands of labs be wrong? Labs owners that are considering a move into digital dentistry need to make the right choice among systems – a choice that will add business value and expand their possibilities long term. 3Shape believes in providing solutions that help labs grow their business and stay ahead in a competitive market. Here’s how … Fully integrated scanners with documented accuracy Market leading innovation power and dental expertise 3Shape’s user-acclaimed scanners and CAD software are de- 400 3Shape employees including more than 175 full-time...

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Dental System™ user interface The most intuitive workflow ever Dental System™ provides a whole new user experience through optimized workflows, a redesigned user interface and enhanced user-friendliness ensuring an extremely intuitive operation for both new and experienced users. NEW Order Overview Always shows the active tooth that is being designed. Workflow bar Intuitively guides you through the major design stages. Visualization sliders Turn 3D elements on/off for ideal viewing as you design. Design tools and sub-steps Access powerful tools. Sub-steps guide you through designing the...

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Looking inside 3Shape Dental System™ Defining the next step for CAD/CAM dentistry 3Shape’s Dental System™ solution embraces the total professional scope of modern dentistry. Dental System™ brings together accurate 3D scanning, intuitive CAD modeling, efficient o ­ rder management and reliable communication tools to provide streamlined workflows that increase productivity. 3Shape LABcare™ backs up lab business with expert training, unlimited upgrades, and access to online support. Order Management TRIOS Inbox™ 1. A scanner for any lab Model scanning, impression scanning Multi-Die scanning,...

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Looking inside 3Shape Dental System™ 4A. Boost Crown and Bridge productivity • Copings • Bridge framework • Full anatomy crowns and bridges • Inlay/onlay/veneers 4B. Advanced indications and new services • Multilayer bridges • Implant Bars and Bridges • Post & Core • Implant Studio • Telescopic Crowns • Denture Design™ • Digital Temporaries • Removable Partial Design • Virtual Diagnostic Wax-ups • Splits and trays • Customized Abutments • Orthodontic appliances 5. Manufacture models locally Design lab models for an extensive range of indications for 3D printing, including implant ­models....

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Dental System™ software packages 3Shape solutions for any lab Whether you are seeking a secure entry into digital dentistry, or expanding your business with more indications, 3Shape has a scanner and software combination for you. 3Shape’s solutions are modular, upgradable, and come in various packages to ensure easy matching to your current needs with room for future growth. Flexible, modular, Extend your range of upgradable software packages indications with Add-ons Dental System™ covers every business 3Shape offers Add-ons covering ad- need through 3 software packages, up- vanced...

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Backing users with care, technology, and expertise LABcare™ is an integral part of Dental System™ and annual subscription. It bundles services that are designed to safeguard your investment, secure maximum uptime, and help you get the most from your solution year after year. We don’t just deliver a system and then leave you on your own. We believe in making commitments and LABcare™ is one of the ways we fulfill them. 3Shape’s LABcare package ensures that both my technicians and my system are always up-to-date. Paco Mazo Lab Owner, Paco Mazo, Dental S.L Spain Expert Training Unlimited...

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Dental System™ Order Manager The Order Manager maximizes productivity and case control Dental System’s™ Order Manager provides an intelligent database, workflow guidance, and communication tools for complete case handling. It binds together all information about your cases and allows you to receive digital impressions, create orders, work with 3Shape C ­ ommunicate™, import 3rd party scans, and send designs to manufacturing centers. Technicians can share cases and work in parallel using multiple PCs, allowing whole new levels of productivity and utilization of lab resources. NEW New...

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Dental System™ Order Manager Intuitive workflow guidance Let the software guide you through the work- flow for the specific case. The status icon is continuously updated so all technicians can fol- Complete order overview All orders are securely managed and quickly accessible in the database. Easily find details for any case using advanced search functions Save custom search events for later use UiaWA Integrated training center LABcare™ gives you access to webinars, trai- ning videos, manuals, trial cases, FAQs, What's Creation date Delivery date fl* Sent inform a tJon Crown 36, Anatomy...

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