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AB ANALITICA, established in 1990 and located in Padua (North-East Italy), was one of the first Italian companies to operate in the field of molecular diagnostics. As of today, it has over 25 years of experience in the design, development and production of in vitro diagnostics. In this rapidly evolving sector, AB ANALITICA has kept its goals that were originally set on for its customers: innovation, qualified assistance, safety and certified quality. Design, Development and Innovation We are proud to be one of the few national realities with its own Research and Development department,...

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The REALQUALITY kits are complete with ready-to-use reagents, including internal and positive controls. The reaction mix contains the dUTP / UNG system for the prevention of carry-over contamination and a fluorescence normalization reagent. The kits of each panel share the same thermal profile, are validated on the most common Real-Time PCR instruments and come with a dedicated software for the interpretation of the results, called AB Genius Report. The REALQUALITY kits are also available in the automatic format used on the GENEQUALITY X120 system. INFECTIOUS DISEASES

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Reverse Line Blot kits come with ready-to-use reagents for amplification and visualization, including internal and positive controls. The visualization protocol can be done with manual or automatic instruments. The kits come with an analysis software that make the interpretation of the result simple and fast. PRODUCT NAME REGULATORY PACKAGE AMPLIQUALITY HCV TYPE PLUS Detection of genotypes 1-7 of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and subtypes a and b of genotype 1, using reverse transcription, amplification and Reverse Line Blot of the 5'UTR and CORE regions. The system can CE-IVD identify the...

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The End-Point PCR kits come with ready-to-use reagents, including controls and reagents for gel electrophoresis. The Amplification Reagents format, code R, does not include reagents for gel electrophoresis and it is available on request.

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GENEQUALITY® X120    C € 0™] and GENEQUALITY® X120 Track GENEQUALITY X120® is a completely automated CE IVD walk-away system to perform routine molecular diagnostics, optimizing efficiency and versatility • DNA and RNA purification from different types of matrices in the same run, starting from the primary tube • Up to 64 biological samples processed simultaneously, from sample loading to Real-Time PCR plate setup with previously selected assays (up to 24 at the same time) • Extraction protocol is based on magnetic beads with preloaded cartridges • Full traceability of the entire workflow •...

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AriaDx Real-Time PCR instrument is available with up to 6 channels, configurable on-site with optical modular cartridges (Agilent Technologies). • Led optical technology • Ready-to-go system, no calibration needed • Intuitive programming with touchscreen interface • Standardization can be made with reference dye (ROX™) • Optical channels can be upgraded Further configurations of the instrument’s optical channels are available on request

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AUTOBLOT 3000H Instrument for complete automation of Reverse Line Blot protocols. • 1 to 20 strips • Six precision peristaltic pumps • Dispensing of six reagents per channel • Up to 15 user-defined protocols • Heated platform, magnetic stirrer • Ventilation for forced cooling of the tray

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13C-UREA BREATH TEST FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF HELICOBACTER PYLORI Single-dose oral solution (75 mg 13C urea/10 mL), for in vivo diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infections in adults and children. • In liquid form • Ready-to-use • Complete • Authorized for pediatric use • No Preservatives, colorants and flavors • Tested for allergic reactions * All products are supplied with accessories for performing the test.

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ABCA 13C ANALYZER * ISOTOPE-RATIO MASS SPECTROMETER (IRMS) FOR BREATH ANALYSIS PRODUCT NAME ABCA Automated Breath Carbon Analyzer Mass spectrometer for 13C/12C-isotope-ratio analysis in breath samples, with autosampler * Please ask for product availability in your country HELIFANPLUS * INFRARED ANALYZER FOR BREATH ANALYSIS PRODUCT NAME HeliFANplus Infrared Analyser Infrared Analyzer for 13C/12C-isotope-ratio analysis (NDIRS) in breath samples, with 08-28A-00 FAN as autosampler * Please ask for product availability in your country

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE • AB ANALITICA prices are ex-works. Prices do not include taxes or insurance. Merchandise travels at risk of the purchaser. • Orders must clearly state the following information: • product code and description • quantity ordered • quotation ref N. • prices as indicated in the price list or in the quotation • the complete and detailed address of the delivery • VAT number of the purchaser • Orders MUST be sent directly to AB ANALITICA s.r.l. Contact us by fax or email at the following address: AB ANALITICA srl Via Svizzera 16 35127 PADOVA - ITALY Tel +39 049...

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Limited Responsability Since the information contained in this catalog has been presented in good faith and is considered correct on the release date, AB ANALITICA does not guarantee that the information is complete or correct. AB ANALITICA does not assume any responsability for any errors or omissions. AB ANALITICA and its represented producers reserve the right to modify or cancel the contained information without notice. ANALITICA ADVANCED BIOMEDICINE

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