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JUST GREAT IMAGING AB-CT — Advanced Breast-CT GmbH Henkestraße 91, 91052 Erlangen, Germany © 2017 – 2020 AB-CT – Advanced Breast-CT GmbH. All rights reserved. nu:view A DISRUPTIVE ECHNOLOGY T IN THE ERA OF BREAST IMAGING

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“ edication to Computed Tomography D has driven my professional life for more than 30 years. I am very proud that AB-CT is fully reflecting this edication — d last but not least for the benefit of our customers and patients.” Prof. Dr. Dr. med. h.c. mult. WILLI KALENDER, Ph. D. Founder and Scientific Advisor EMPOWERING RADIOLOGISTS Even with high-tech devices and skilled, qualified radiologists, the early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer remains challenging. Conventional diagnosis methods, while well-established, are not always reliable. 3D imaging with high isotropic resolution, on...

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LEADING EDGE T rue 3D images with a very high isotropic resolution Superimposition-free and superb soft tissue differentiation • Focal spot size: 0.3 (IEC 60336) Low dose in the range of mammograms • Acquisition times of 7–12 s per scan • Tube current: 5–125 mA X-RAY TUBE • Low patient dose levels in the ange r of mammograms Seamless clinical integration to RIS & PACS (DICOM) • Detector area: about 280 × 50 mm² No breast compression, short scan times • Fully isotropic high spatial resolution • Sensor: CdTe, 0.75 mm thick • Type: Photon counting detector (direct conversion) • Detector rows:...

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RESPECTING PATIENTS SUSPICIOUS REGIONAL MICROCALCIFICATIONS It’s not just the unrivalled technology nu:view impresses with – our dedicated breast CT has also been developed with the highest level of patient comfort in mind. During the image acquisition process, the patient lies prone on the scanner table with the breast to be examined conveniently placed into the opening. No compression is applied, making the process pain-free and helping that little extra for patients to feel reassured in a situation that may be perceived as highly distressing. The scan parameters are adjustable to...

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SILICONE IMPLANT LESION “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this method being completely compression-free. Some women had missed their breast checks for years because they feared compression. nu:view really solves their dilemma. And with high resolution, real 3D images at dose levels comparable to mammography, us radiologists clearly benefit from breast CT as well. The multiplanar pictures decrease the number of recalls caused by superimposed structures.“ EARLY DETECTION Since women can choose breast CT instead of screening mammography at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ),...

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FUNCTIONAL IMAGING Previous mammography had depicted a single mass only. On sonography, the round, circumscribed lesion had cystic and solid components; several other suspicious lesions were also detected. Breast CT was performed to confirm multicentric breast cancer. 2 Pre-contrast: Round mass lesion with hypodense (necrotic/liquid) centre. Pre-contrast images are suspicious for more than one lesion. Post-contrast: The palpable mass enhances the contrast material inhomogeneously. Several other contrast enhancing masses with irregular and smooth margins in more than one quadrant of the...

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EVERY SINGLE PHOTON COUNTS Using the latest detector technology, nu:view combines excellent image quality with low dose. X-rays are converted to light that scatters nu:view X-ray Semiconductor (CdTe) X-rays are converted to electrical signals and channelled Light is converted to electrical signals Integrating circuit Counting circuit One of nu:view’s key technologies: a unique detector. The ground-breaking innovation is the result of AB-CT’s long-term collaboration with Direct Conversion, a global expert in quality detector solutions. The special, concavely shaped single photon counting...

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nu:view — the leading edge breast CT — has received CE approval in 2018. AB-CT is a pioneering medical technology company specialising in quality diagnostic breast imaging. AB-CT maintains a quality management system for medical products in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2016. It has been certified by the Certification Body TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, Germany. With nu:view, our expert team of genius medical physicists, software and design engineers did not just develop another CT device, but a disruptive technology designed to leverage clinical excellence. Our vision is to empower...

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