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PRODUCT BROCHURE VIEW WEBSITE Manufacturing high quality diagnostic devices for clinical professionals since 1859. Accuracy in diagnostics since 1859

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ACCOSON™ history The Company was established as A. C. COSSOR & Son in 1859 by Alfred Charles Cossor as a glass blower. We are proud to have won two awards for the creation of this device: In 1904, ACCOSON produced their first glass manometer, using their glass blowing skills, known as the sphygmomanometer. A year later, Russian surgeon Nikolai Korotkoff first described the technique to measure diastolic pressure. The business has since passed over four generations, before more recently joining the HCE Medical Group. 1. A Department of Trade and Industry, UK award for the successful transfer...

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• A large container for the cuff and tubing on which the greenlight 300 is fitted • Gauge set at an angle for easy viewing • A mounting stem with adjustable height, with five castors for mobility and stability The greenlight 300 has been developed to provide a reliable and accurate alternative to mercury devices. This is achieved using silicon chip technology replacing the traditional mercury column with an electronic pressure detection system. Overcoming problems associated with other types of sphygmomanometer: The greenlight 300 is non‑toxic, robust and importantly, automatically...

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Six00 Series of Aneroid Sphygmomanometers Our premium range of high quality aneroid sphygmomanometers. This robust product range is designed to last with an enhanced protective enclosure. • Made in UK and guaranteed accuracy to ISO 81060-1 • Lightweight ABS cuff container which is very easy to clean • New flexible shock mount resists any damage to the gauge • Fine red pointer ensures consistently precise indication • Tough bright white ABS construction with built in carrying handle • Accuracy of +/- 3mmHg • Range 0–300mmHg, with scale graduations from zero • Supplied with a 3 year...

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Our portable series is a range of aneroid sphygmomanometers offering smaller, more lightweight devices which are the perfect transportable option for clinicians looking to aid patients across a variety of settings. Product Description Limpet with Adult Ambidex Cuff This range of sphygmomanometers allow you to meet the requirements of each of your patients in almost any environment and situation. These are the perfect solution when on-the-go. These portable aneroid (mechanical) devices don’t use mercury but provide accurate results when calibrated correctly. Each sphygmomanometer from this...

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Pressure Infusion Cuff Our latex free infusion cuff is made to aid rapid IV infusion with an integrated gauge and handbulb. • Made in United Kingdom • Large scale accurate pressure gauge • Gauge protector • Strong fine mesh front • Infusion cuff includes inflation bulb with a release valve Product Description 1 Litre Pressure Infusion Cuff 0.5 Litre Pressure Infusion Cuff Product Description • Supplied with adult velcro cuff, bulb & case Combine Self Test Support infection control in your clinic by utilising these single patient use cuffs. Product Description Specifically designed for use...

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Ambidex Innovative blood pressure cuffs One-piece cuffs developed to be easy to use, clean, multi-purpose and cost-effective Features a unique soft edge which replaces the weld found on other cuffs, ensuring equal comfort for the patient. These bladderless blood pressure cuffs can be used as a regular cuff, or for single patient use. Each carries a white panel on which a patient’s name or the cuff location details can be recorded. • Unique Ambidex comfort edge • Ambidextrous cuff design can be used on either left or right arm • Inlet tube positioned in the centre of the cuff face frees...

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Cardiology Stethoscope The Cardiology Stethoscope offers medical professionals one of the highest quality stethoscopes available on the market. Manufactured from the finest stainless steel, with dual tunable diaphragm • Made in UK • Adult and convertible paediatric chestpiece for optimium acoustic sensitivity • Dual tunable diaphragm for monitoring high and low frequencies • Extra adult bell for low frequency response • The chestpiece is precisely machined to exacting tolerance from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance • Available in your preferred choice of three tubing...

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Lightweight, economical stethoscope ideally used by nurses. This budget-friendly option offers an effective and elegant solution for all your day-to-day nursing needs. Nursing Stethoscope • Made in UK • Extra fine acoustic response and light design for extraordinary comfort • The adult chestpiece has been precisely machined to exacting tolerance from aluminium • Double leaf internal spring binaurals are fixed at 15° angle to ensure a comfortable fit in the users ear • Available in your preferred choice of three tubing colours Product Description Black Tube Stethoscope Navy Blue Tube...

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AC200 LED Examination Light Bright LED illumination designed in a compact head design. Head design offers ease of access to power control combined with a fully-flexible neck which remains in stable once positioned. LED illumination requires no bulb replacements and consume far less energy. • Colour temperature: 5,000ºK • IRC: >95 • Luminous intensity: 1m - 11,000 lux • Average life LEDs: 50,000 hours • Light angle: 6th • Field diameter at 1m: 12cm • Power: 10W • Thermal protector: Yes Product Description Wall Mounted Light Desk Mounted Light Mobile Stand Mounted Light Product Description...

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Our premium quality professional diagnostic set with enhanced features: fibre optic LED illumination and Classic 2.5v handles. 500 LED F.O. Ophthalmoscope • Sealed, dustproof design protects precision ensuring reliability and longer working-life. • Bright white 7,000 Lux LED light • CRI ≥ 90 and Red index ≥ 90 • Coaxial optics produce shadow-free spot for easier entry into undilated pupils and offers a larger field of view • 7 Apertures for generalist use as needed 500 LED F.O. Otoscope • Neutral white 75,000 Lux LED light • CRI ≥ 95 and Red index ≥ 90 • Distal fibre optic illumination •...

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