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Intrapartum Ultrasound Simulator - 1

ACCURATE | HEALTH AND LEARNING Tel +39 0547 20630 - P.zzle G. Biguzzi 20/1 - 47521 Cesena ________________________________________ Intrapartum Ultrasound Simulator

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Intrapartum Ultrasound Simulator - 2

ACCURATE | HEALTH AND LEARNING Powerful Tools The IUSim™ software and its high-fidelity realistic ultrasound probe will be able to recreate the most lifelike intrapartum images. A user-friendly interface will allow the instructor to independently create, using a powerful editor, a customized and exclusive casebook of real ultrasound images, videos and volumes. Intrapartum Ultrasound Simulator Practice for Perfection IUSim™ includes a childbirth manikin, one ultrasound curvilinear probe, RFID sensors and several clinical cases from basic to advanced level. Simulation-based training reduces...

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