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Extra 818 Hair Removal + Facial Treatment Active Optical Systems is introducing the innovative Extra 818 for: Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation

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Fast Treatments Best Results

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Before Treatments Hair Removal The extra 818 is a skin treatment device which uses IPL (Intense pulsed light) to induce biological processes that are needed in various skin treatments such as hair removal , Skin Tightening, Tissue Lifting, Body Contouring and more. The device is based on Active’s GEM technology (geometrical energy management) which enable light energy concentrated deep skin penetration, with limited affect on the outer skin and it has high intensity at the target area on After Treatments

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Active’s GEM Technology Skin Rejuvenation GEM-Laser is an innovative technology, developed to harness light energy to treat a variety of skin conditions effectively for best results. It is based on accumulated knowledge and is research based. GEM-PL Technology concentrates light under the skin surface . The energy, on one hand, is not felt on top of the skin and on the other hand - it has high intensity at the target area, very much like a magnifying glass in the sun – close to the magnifying glass you feel nothing and at the focal point the same energy which was not felt, creates high heat...

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How Does The Treatment Work? Acne As part of a routinely metabolism process, the P. Acne bacteria generates an organic compound called porphyrin. High intensity broad spectrum light (Especially blue light) triggers the porphyrin to release single oxygen atoms (Free radicals). These free radicals are seeking other atoms to attach themselves to. They make connections to molecules they are not supposed to connect to, and by doing so they ruin the functionality of these molecules. The activity of many single oxygen atoms destroys the P. Acne bacteria. Before Treatments After Treatments

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How Does The Treatment Work? Vascular Two treatments are administered in order to treat the capillaries: Breaking the layer of clotted blood and re-opening the capillary, resulting in free blood flow through the capillary and the disappearance of the purple color. Stimulating the collagen layer to produce more collagen, resulting in thicker skin which conceals the capillaries. Before Treatments After Treatments

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How Does The Treatment Work? The melanocytes absorb the energy of the light pulse. This light energy turns into heat energy that coagulates the melanocytes selectively. New cells are later formed without this high concentration of melanin and the skin is renewed. Before Treatments After Treatments

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Wavelength Range Repetition Rate Lamp's Life Span Intuitive touch screen control Operation Voltage Revolutionary dual cooling Weight Dimensions

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WHY ACTIVE? Israeli product! Made in Israel. Advance technology. constantly research and development. We are the Manufacture! Guaranty ,service and maintenance. Expertise with the end customer’s needs.

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Email. Tel. +972-3-923-6610 Website. Address. 11 Shoham St, Petah-Tikva ISRAEL

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