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Anoscope - Fenestrated, Non Sterile

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Product – Anoscope – Fenestrated ANVISA Register – Non Sterile – 10370239002 Characteristics: The product consists of three parts, being them the fenestrated and the transparent body, rod and plunger in slotted shape, pigmented in the color blue. Composition: 01 Anoscope – Fenestrated. Measures: Proximal diameter: 35mm Distal diameter: 18mm Body length: 89mm ± 0.5 Length of piston rod: 145mm ± 1.00 Fenestra height: 22mm ± 0.5 Plunger tip in the shape of: Slit Commercial Presentation: Non Sterile – packed in brioriented polypropylene pouch. Expiration Date: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Indication: Indicated to use in proctological examinations and proctoscopy, which include inspection of the anal and surrounding region, as well as assisting in the treatment of anal hemorrhoids. Instructions for Use: Exclusive use of doctors, paramedics and other professionals, based on the technique they developed. According to the procedure and method of the professional the anoscope should be slowly introduced with the aid of a lubricant in the rectum, by a few centimeters, where it will dilate the rectum to allow the doctor, with the help of a light, see and examinate the anal canal. Warning and Precautions: * Check the integrity of the packaging, do not use if it is broken, dam

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* The validity of the material and sterilization is guaranteed until the packaging is not tampered with any damaged or wet. *NON-STERILE PRODUCT. If this product is going to be used in surgical procedures, sterilization must be made using the ETO (ethylene oxide) method. * UNIQUE USE PRODUCT. DESTROY AFTER USE. 100% disposable material and every disposal of these products must follow the Biosafety criteria. * No matter the patient, if the product appears to be violated somehow, it should be securely disposed. Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature and free of humidity. Contra...

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