Cheron Forceps - Sterile or Non Sterile - 2 Pages

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Cheron Forceps - Sterile or Non Sterile

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Product – Cheron Forceps ANVISA Register – Sterile – 10370239013 Characteristics: Consisting of two rods with four levels of locking, non-toxic. Composition: 01 Cheron Forceps, individually packaged. Measures: Overall length: approximately 245mm Pressure levels: with four locks Active tip format: cone Bend between handle and active tip: approximately 37 ° Commercial Presentation: Sterile – packed in peel pouch. Expiration Date: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Sterilization Process: Ethylene Oxide. Indication: The purpose is to help and make it easy when performing the following: gynecological examinations (colposcopy, biopsies and collection of material for the cervical cancer screening), examinations in narrow cavities, such as the endocervix and also removal of polyps.

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Exclusive use of doctors, paramedics and other professionals, based on the technique they developed. Scrub your hands and perform all the hygene procedures, before opening the packaged. The use of this Cheron Forcep is associated with help when performing gynecological examinations, to keep the walls of the vagina apart, in order to prevent them (especially in the case of a flaccid vagina) from obstructing the view and examination of the cervix. As well as to hold dry or wet cotton swabs during material collection for analysis. Warning and Precautions: * The validity of the material and...

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