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Cytological Fixer

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Product - Cytological Fixer Mod. Aerosol ANVISA Register - Exempt Characteristics: Cytopathological fixator based on propylene glycol and alcohol, the type is aerosol, with proprieties that fix and sustain the integrity of the cell, when the materia is "smeared” into the Glass Slide. Commercial Presentation: Individual bottle of 100ml / 70g.. Expiration Date: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Indication: The Cytological Fixer serves it's purpose by attaching smears, made from material collected from the exctocervix, endocervix, the vaginal walls and also from smears of material collected in other areas of the body. The Cytological Fixer is a solution made of propylene glycol and absolute pure alcohol, that has as its purpose, fixing properties of biological material on the glass slide and the important feature of being easily removable when the material arrives at the laboratory for staining. Properly sprinkled on the smear and after drying, if kept out of the light, the smear maintains cellular characteristics for a minimum of 3 months. Image: U>UN . diagnostic Fixador Citologic° u*o Profi*al°n*

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Instructions for Use: After the collection of cells, they are placed on the slide glasse, method known as smear, and fixed with the aid of the Cytological Fixer. Keep the bottle of the Cytological Fixer in an upright position, approximately 15 to 20cm from the blade, and press the aerosol, covering the blade with a delicate layer of fixing solution, right after they are colected. Store the Glass Slide inside a tubet, so it can be safely transported to the lab, before being sent to a specialized person for its cytopathological analysis. Warning and Precautions: *Inflammable. Don't pulverize...

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