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Product – UID KIT VAGISPEC – M ANVISA Register – Sterile – 10370230044 Characteristics: Disposable medical devices, destined to help in procedures of insertion of the IUD (Intrauterine Device). Composition: 01 Collins Vaginal Speculum (Medium), 01 Cheron Forceps, 01 Pozzi Tenaculum, 01 Long Scissors, 01 Surgical Field, 10 Gauze Pads and 01 Hysterometer Dilator. Speculum (M) Measures: Longitudinal Axis of the Valve: 95mm (±0.5) Perpendicular proximal width of 25mm (±0.5) and Distal of 28mm (±0.5) Total length: 156mm (±2) Hysterometer/Dilator Measures: Total length: 340.0mm (± 5.00mm) Length of the longitudinal Axis of the Hysterometer rod: 165mm Length of the longitudinal Axis of the Dilator rod: 120mm Dilator Stem Diameter: Progressive dilatation, starting at the distal diameter by 3.0mm progressing to the diameter at 5.5mm. Hysterometer rod diameter: 4mm with centimeter scale of 4 to 15cm (resolution of 1cm) Cheron Measures: Total length: approximately 245mm Pressure levels with four locks Active tip format: cone Bend between handle and active tip: approximately 37° Gauze Pads Measures: Density: 11 lines cmª Closed density: 7.5 x 7.5 cm Surgical Fields Measures: Density: 60cm x 60cm (±20) Material: SMS (Nonwoven Fabric) - 02 sizes, on size is waterproof and the other is absorbable. Long Scissors Measures: Total Lenght: 24cm (±3) Pozzi Measures: Total Lenght: 24cm (±3) It has a locking system for closing sort of like a gear. Commercial Presentation: Sterile – packed in peel pouch. Expiration Date: 36 months from the dat

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Indication: Indicated to be used by medical professionals (gynecologist), to help in procedures when inserting the IUD (Intrauterine Device) Instructions for use: Exclusive use of the doctor and/or professional, responsible for the procedure. The use of these products should be done, according to the technique the professional chooses, to insert the IUD (Intrauterine Device). Warning and Precautions: * Exclusive use of the doctor and/or professional responsable for the insertion, according to the recomended and used technique; * Sterile. Sterilization process: Ethylene Oxide. * The validity...

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Interactions: None known. Manufacturer: Adlin Plásticos Ltda CNPJ: 95.799.201 / 0001-07 +55 (47) 2106-3700 CEP: 89254-848 PO Box 430 Jaraguá do Sul / SC Brazilian industry vendas@adlin.com.br www.adlin.com.br Technical Manager: Leila Cristiane Greipel CRF/SC 6606

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