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Pap Smear - Small, Sterile o Non Sterile

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Product – Papanicolaou Kit – Small ANVISA Register – Sterile with 02 Gloves – 10370239010 Characteristics: Set of disposable medical supplies intended for gynecological examinations. Composition: 01 Vaginal Speculum Small, 01 Cervical Brush, 01 Ayre Spatula, 02 E.V.A. Glove, 01 Papercase for slides and 01 Glass Slide. Small Speculum Measures: Longitudinal Axis of the Valve: 80mm Proximal and Distal Width: 22mm Overall length: 143mm Cervical Brush Measures: Rod: approximately 180mm Active tip length: approximately 20mm Active tip format: cone Overall length: approximately 200mm Ayre Spatula Measures: Thickness: approximately 1.6mm Width: approximately 16mm Overall length: approximately 176mm Glove Measures: Thickness: approximately 0.20 microns Height: approximately 280mm Width: approximately 120mm Papercase for Slides Measures: Rectangular format: 85x35x5mm Glass Slides Measures: Thickness: approximately 1.0mm Width: approximately 26mm Length: approximately 76mm Commercial Presentation: Sterile – packed in peel pouch. Expiration Date: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Sterilization Process: Ethylene Oxide. Indication: It's purpose is to assist in gynecological procedures and as an aid in the collection of biological material for oncotic cytology, chlamydia, bacterioscopy and when performing the Pa

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exam. The Papanicolaou Kit, favors the accomplishment of a painless examination, convenience and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients. Instructions for Use: Exclusive use of doctors, paramedics and other professionals, based on the technique they developed. According to the procedure and method of the professional who will perform the exam, first the external examination of the vulva is perfomed. Then the speculum is inserted through the vaginal canal for a better visualization of the cervix (the final part of the uterus from which, the cells will be collected for...

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