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Vaginal Speculum - Small Sterile or Non Sterile

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Product - Collins Disposable Vaginal Speculum - Small ANVISA Register - Sterile Lubricated or Non Lubricated - 10370230012 Characteristics: Non-toxic, with a little screw regulator (butterfly type) coupled, termically confortable, allowing an excellent transparency and light transmission. Composition: 01 Small Disposable Collins Vaginal Speculum. Measures: Longitudinal Axis of the Valve: 80mm Proximal and Distal Width: 22mm Overall length: 143mm Commercial Presentation: Sterile - packaged in peel pouch, lubricated or non-lubricated. Expiration Date: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Sterilization Process: Ethylene Oxide. Indication: One of it's functionality is to keep the vaginal walls apart, making it easy for a better visualization of the cervix and to collect the material required foor the cytological procedure, detecting cancer cells, chlamydia, bacterioscopy and secretions in general. Image:

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Instructions for Use: Exclusive use of doctors, paramedics and other professionals, based on the technique they developed. According to the procedure and the method of the professional who will perform the collection, it should start with the examination of the external analysis of the vulva. Right after, the qualified person should insert the Collin Vaginal Speculum inside the Vaginal canal, to have a better view and access to the canal and cervix (the final part of the uterus, which is where they collect the cell samples, to perform the microscopic examination). Warning and Precautions: *...

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